Steely Dan – Haitian Divorce

This is a videoclipe i’ve made for this Steely Dan song. This is mine visual ideia of the words and music by Fagen/Becker. The images came from public domain images of burlesque’s dancers from the 50’s. Hope you enjoy. Here’s the lyrics for the song: Babs and clean willie were in love they said So in love the preachers face turned red Soon everybody knew the thing was dead He shouts, she bites, they wrangle through the night She go crazy Got to make a getaway Papa say Chorus: Oh – no hesitation No tears and no hearts breakin No remorse Oh – congratulations This is your haitian divorce She takes the taxi to the good hotel Bon marché as far as she can tell She drinks the zombie from the cocoa shell She feels alright, she get it on tonight Mister driver Take me where the music play Papa say Chorus At the grotto In the greasy chair Sits the charlie with the lotion and the kinky hair When she smiled, she said it all The band was hot so They danced the famous merengue Now we dolly back Now we fade to black Tearful reunion in the usa Day by day those memories fade away Some babies grow in a peculiar way It changed, it grew, and everybody knew Semi-mojo Whos this kinky so-and-so? Papa go Chorus

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25 Responses to Steely Dan – Haitian Divorce

  1. ouii8 says:

    awful video, you should stop butchering great songs with crappy video

  2. panther029 says:

    Anna! I lurrrrrrrve the way we dance together to this song
    my Darlin John x

  3. ADULTabuse says:

    R.I.P. victims of the Haiti Disaster.

    classic song, i haven’t stopped playing it since the earthquake. SD 4ever

  4. chrisclerk1 says:

    a white jazz band/with intleectual property
    to retrospect the 30’s without fear of reprobity or political commentary of the great depression and joblessness/classic trumpet riff

  5. MegaTward says:

    lovin, this tune. day by day those memories fade away………….

  6. derbbus says:

    Parodies of the old grey whistle test?

  7. tilerman says:

    Top right hand corner of your screen you will see 3 little boxes with diferent markings. Put you cursor onto the one on the left and left click your mousepad. You will now note that the ‘crappy video’ has disapeared, leaving you to open something else a bit more enertaining

  8. bernardevans says:

    @ouii8 and we had to read some crap and wait 40 seconds after we had already press Play. Imagine, how annoying it would be, if every uploaded video this this!

  9. bernardevans says:

    40 seconds after I clicked Play I was still reading stuff? Just start it!

  10. malcolmbryant says:

    Ha ha ! Nice one Tilerman! I LOVE the video!

  11. Jabbot123 says:

    @bernardevans No shit..get on with the song already..i have the attention span of a knat!

  12. PEYIAKID says:

    I’d hate her laundry bill..what a track and the vid is perfect!! well done.

  13. TOGZEE says:

    A few badly lit mad women shaking their tits around doesn’t make for a good video to a classic song….you fckd up big time here! I did like the couple dancing though, at least they had some rhythmic flow to their movements that matched the cadence of the song. Apart from that…don’t give up the day job. SERIOUSLY!

  14. dirtfang8 says:

    Holy christ! I wanna hear the music that the crazy dancer is moving to

  15. amanreadingstories says:

    this was my fav song when i was 16
    something really uneasy about it all that correlates with adolescence maybe
    dont usually like the way people add visuals but this is really simple and so effective
    thanks thanks

  16. mainecoon1000 says:

    who the fuck put that bullshit up at the first 40 sec. what a fuckin idiot, nobody cares what you think just play the fucking song you big jerk.

  17. zephrah says:

    I love the video…This is exactly the way I dance to this song…..thanks for posting….

  18. eva5255 says:

    All you losers would never have the balls to dance like this beautiful lady. Now go beat off to your sister’s Victoria Secret catalogue you illiterate, little-dick weasels! Punk trash little turds. Pity no one gave you a rightous beating years ago. You might have amounted to something.

  19. desdi01 says:

    Well done Daniel

    thank you for this great clip. I loved it and it brought back lots of memories.

    Mr driver take me where the music plays………….sultry evenings on the ocean front….day by day those memories fade away……no tears no heartbreaking no remorse……Congratulations

  20. villastrangiato says:

    Without Dean Park’s mesmerizing guitar licks, this lame video would have struggled to get more than a dozen views. Park’s interpretation of this reggae/funk masterpiece made it the groundbreaker that it remains today – 35 years later. It’s pretty ironic – witnessing this, you’re watching the video of a talentless fool while listening to the artistry of a true genius.

  21. loveskillingroommate says:

    Hey, man I forgot to say thanks for this video especially the section where the two dance, which is the inspiration behind a dance scene in a movie I’m producing. I never would have seen it if I didn’t love this song and you didn’t make this video. Here’s to you and may you consider yourself brilliant by association. Is it even possible to go wrong with Steely Dan?!

  22. danielaragao says:

    For the people that hated what i tried here i must say one thing: Youtube is not a place to listen to MUSIC, its a place to show videos, try outs, experimental things and etc. Its not a commercial place. That’s why i made this video, for people that already knows the song and can accept a new view on something. And by the way, my initial inspiration was the videos that Steely Dan played in a tour years ago while this song was played. So i think they liked what i did here!!! haha

  23. concretepaddynavvy says:

    I like this

  24. funexnm says:

    Hey Dainel im afraid you will always have’ haters’ thats why the world never has or never will have peace some people would argue the sea wasnt salty.i like what you done mate m,ost whats most improtant is what you feel about it and that’s all thats counts at the end of the day regardless of what others think, an yway you could always meet up with them and just punch then striaght in the face, does solve things but makes you feel good : )

  25. SuzeyTrump says:

    @danielaragao This is a Superb song;equally so are the lyrics. They’re meant to be extremely funny. Nice try, but this Video has Absolutely Nothing to do with the Song’s Content. However; Cheers for the decent sound quality !!

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