SNL Kardashian Fairytale Divorce Parody – NOV 2011

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    25 Responses to SNL Kardashian Fairytale Divorce Parody – NOV 2011

    1. petenkit says:

      I really hope some one reads this. I’m a certified tattoo artist, body piercer and pop artist. Ive been working so hard at becoming noticed in the art world. One of my paintings has been featured in Toby Turners vlog and´╗┐ hung in his house “such an awesome painting!”. Many more will be mailed out to popular youtubers. I also have a pretty amazing cat that watches cartoons and jumps on a stripper pole lol please help me make my dreams come true its good karma!

    2. AAJProductions4U says:

      @Murder0redruM i dont understand your comment…

    3. sapphireangels7 says:

      Freakin’ HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    4. sapphireangels7 says:

      There are actual tears coming out of my eyes – LOL

    5. smokeykitty15 says:

      @jeanthree R u serious? She did a quickie wedding in Vegas. There was no 2 night 4 hour special on E, nor were there guests, who were put through a big unnecessary expense, or 3 Vera Wang dresses. And that was over as soon as she got sober.

    6. Jemgirl101 says:

      omg how fricken funny

    7. tatum635 says:

      this is hilarious, but are they trying to say bruce is gay??? they even have his right ear pierced.

    8. 1822jh says:

      So Fuckin funny

    9. mmjj2 says:

      what do the girls do for a living anyway?

    10. amez0100 says:

      I know its mean but someone needs to put this family in their place,they take nothing seriously its all about money and fame,kim completley crapped all over the institution of marriage.

    11. Actors317 says:

      @mmjj2 NOTHING.

    12. k92aida says:

      @mmjj2 theyre professional whores

    13. chelcmelc1 says:

      wow these girls really needa be dumped in a desert somewhere and learn how to survive without fame, money and makeup!!! i bet yah anything those 2 lil sisters will be tramps and mabs realise a porno like kim did.

    14. Jennamorrison43 says:

      Lol @ kris humphries

    15. CoRtNZ1 says:

      Kristin Wiig was a perfect Kris Jenner!!!!

    16. mic740 says:

      awesome!! l can,t stop laughing!

    17. CoRtNZ1 says:

      @tatum635 haha The actual Bruce Jenner has both ears pierced… All the time! hahaha and he has had I think 2 face lifts already on the show. He had face lifts before Kris Jenner did! Creepy!

    18. 10x3ily says:

      best parts of this video : EVERYTHING .

    19. zdun1978 says:

      @jessiebessie24 Point of correction…their publicist and PR team told them to tweet that they love it, it is called damage control.

    20. bythesoundingsea says:

      this is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. So funny! I love Kristin Wig doing Kris Jenner…dead on

    21. BinaKhar says:

      @jeanthree but Britney didnt have her wedding taped on E and replayed 100000000 times and at least Britney is a singer/dancer, Kin Kardashian has absolutely no talent and gets so much attention for nothing

    22. orose6 says:

      the khloe character shouldve been played by a man! bahaha

    23. imTHEwalrus100 says:

      Kris humphries: uuhhh ahhh

    24. IamRelease says:


    25. smokeyandbaby says:

      The infamous Kim sex tape can be seen over on WatchCelebSexTapes. com

      It rocks.

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