SNL Kardashian Fairytale Divorce Parody -Full Length -Hysterical !

ha hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    24 Responses to SNL Kardashian Fairytale Divorce Parody -Full Length -Hysterical !

    1. AlxSln543 says:

      “He was half the man i wanted him to be, and by that i mean he was half-black” priceless XD !!!

    2. pandaa321 says:

      I wonder if they’ve seen this

    3. Melissie14 says:

      “Lamar’s penis revealed” lol.

    4. drummergirl2246 says:

      HAHA “four sisters”

    5. beauisabigdael7 says:

      I lost it when Bruce came on lmao

    6. toxicmindmatter says:

      I just like the fact that Charlie’s in it. XD

    7. dustinzwifey07 says:


    8. EazzyE84 says:

      So many snl skits are hit or miss, this one worked

    9. chocolatte242 says:


    10. chocolatte242 says:

      When I heard she got married my face was like…^_- and when I heard she got divorces my face was like ^_- “

    11. DollGirlTV says:

      and their Grandma Bruce Jenner!

    12. shortstuffluvs2dance says:

      When I saw Bruce Jenner, my face was like…XD

    13. famebubble says:

      I didn’t laugh—why?

    14. TheBdl1978 says:

      never have so many untalented, useless people made so much money. Jersey shore would be a close second.

    15. alchemic85 says:

      u ever feel less intelligent for watching shit like this?

    16. alchemic85 says:

      @famebubble Because it was all too real.

    17. PuppieGirl1011 says:

      Kim is a hog

    18. BrutalTruthMediaMaui says:

      @TheBdl1978 t seems these tasteless,crude,perverted,phon­y fame whores are getting all the attention they want & some..isn’t it ironic ,we cant stand this Kardashian clan yet at the same time we are giving them attention & recognition here right now..these are the dark ages where anything that can pervert & degrade innocence & god is the most popular,we live in a dark illusional society that devours purity,innocence & whores it to the highest bidder, media is a money making serpent

    19. ItzClobert says:

      I don’t care what you say, I’d fuck the shit of Kim.

    20. TheMelissaGrajeda says:

      Seriously? Making fun of someones pain.. shame on you!

    21. geeksterKnows says:

      “what do I have to do for attention? kill someone?” haha that cracked me up

    22. JessyjLarson says:

      this is dumb… they just make crap up…

    23. chosenone2172010 says:

      Lamar Odom wtf

    24. gachoobieka says:

      Who are the actresses playing the sisters? I’ve not tuned into SNL for a while.

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