SNL: Kardashian Divorce Special

Saturday Night Live skit of Kim Kardashian’s divorce.

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    25 Responses to SNL: Kardashian Divorce Special

    1. peaceandlove181 says:

      ROFL LOL

    2. LittleBlackyPro says:

      hahaha hilarious!!! I love Kristen wigg she is the best comedic actress that i have ever seen!

    3. tuts333 says:

      “woopsies I got a divorce!” lmao

    4. Dia17DpoVNa says:

      ахаха 4сестры=)

    5. theunchartedgirlx says:

      ”Only on E!” Haha Priceless!

    6. 94StangChika says:

      I love this skit! Always cheers me up :)

    7. sushini92 says:

      that was hilarious 🙂 where’s the replay button!

    8. jyrox2000 says:

      @sushini92 bottom left 🙂 lol

    9. shaon4eva says:

      whole kardashian family are whores. kim kardashian is whore of the year.

    10. Bahleaver says:


    11. justyourking says:

      Kilt them  lmao

    12. 98gleefan says:

      i love how some celebritys get mad when snl makes fun of them but when they make fun of the kardashians the kardashians are cool with it and think its hilarious!

    13. leftdude1 says:

      the third anus is free

    14. thunderup26 says:

      lol lmao

    15. bkflaca says:


    16. libbeingcool says:

      this is AWESOME

    17. selenagomezroxmesox1 says:

      lol lamar!!

    18. melodiesanddesires21 says:

      The Kris Jenner impersonation was spot on, omg.

    19. timdog2130 says:

      Wow!!! Hilarious

    20. 18HitGirl says:

      Omg I love how they made Kris Humphries look dumb lol

    21. PableteCalquinX says:

      im a Kim fan,but i love it .-

    22. Jonzer1983 says:

      If this is the parody what the hell is that “keeping up with kardashian”
      Where aaaaaaaam iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    23. redzer06 says:


    24. SilverSpenceBass says:

      Kristin wing is just hilarious!

    25. aoifeyP says:

      haha i love the way he tried to sign his name!!

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