SMBC Theater: Divorce Negotiation

Breaking up is hard to do. Created and Written by: Zach Weiner and James Ashby Executive Producers: Marty Weiner, James Ashby, Zach Weiner Co-EPs: Angel Askins and Chason Chaffin Directed by: Dana Friedman Starring: Husband – JP Nickel Wife – Jessie Lande Body Guard – Colin Horan

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    25 Responses to SMBC Theater: Divorce Negotiation

    1. xylyze says:

      @Dasclsad screaming brat; house is mortgaged

    2. Urnogod says:

      @Dasclsad it’s “screaming brat” and the house is “mortgaged”

    3. MrChaosHazard says:

      Did anyone else notice that JP used his telekinesis to pass the divorce paper across the table?

    4. djtron1x says:

      Made even more funny in that I was just signing the finalization on my own divorce.

    5. djtron1x says:

      @Dasclsad Enjoy your screaming brat. and the house is morgaged.

    6. Elrohirc says:


    7. NullPoint84 says:

      @MrChaosHazard it’s called a Lazy Susan.

    8. ravebearerpretz says:

      I wish i had a spinning table like that.

    9. MrChaosHazard says:

      @NullPoint84 I like my explanation better.

    10. dumbguy89 says:

      That’s what you get. Fucking bitch

    11. DigitB says:

      Wow. XD That little “poison bottle”? It’s a little energy drink, and I had one next to me while watching this.

    12. cruelhumor says:

      lazy susans ftw

    13. mullensk8ter15 says:

      HAHA I LOVED THIS. One of the best SMBC skits ever.

    14. MarkArandjus says:

      2:33 ummm…. evil?

    15. NickStedmon says:

      Wow, really? Just reusing the same joke, which wasn’t even yours to begin with.

    16. Ellipsoid314 says:

      Adorably evil.

    17. OneMist8k says:

      Love it.

    18. moodring54 says:

      Aw, I feel bad for David. No kid should have to get involved in their parent’s diabolical schemes.

    19. rounz1 says:

      She’d probably prefer that you poison her first

    20. MAJIKVEGGIE says:

      TFT: IMNSTBW! (8

    21. xBloodXGusherx says:

      Shows you how fucking controlling and selfish woman usually are.

    22. NallePu83 says:

      Just Gatorade…..start playing basketball people!

    23. superspork85 says:

      Poison him and touch him on the penis.


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    25. JustJRTV says:

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