Since wills can be written isn't it a blatant lie that homosexuals want to get married because of inheritance?

The fact is they want to pollute society with their brand of morality. They wish to force people to accept what they are doing as decent and not a perversion. They also seek to destroy anything that reminds them of how queer their ideas and ways are.
Any contract can be contested.

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    12 Responses to Since wills can be written isn't it a blatant lie that homosexuals want to get married because of inheritance?

    1. Maurog IV says:

      They just want equal rights to everyone else.

      If your spouse gets inheritance by default so should theirs. If your spouse get hospital visit rights, so should theirs. If your spouse get custody of children in case you die, so should theirs. Simple, no?

    2. AngryNoodle says:

      Since wills aren’t the only form of inheritance, isn’t it blatantly obvious that you have no idea what you’re talking about?

      EDIT: So once your argument crumbles you fall back on your standard homophobic nonsense. Alright then.

    3. munkylilchunky says:

      Isn’t it a blatant lie that you’re not a homophobe?

      They want to marry because they want to marry. But out. None of your business.

    4. Acid Zebra says:

      The legal implications of marriage stretch a little further than inheritance, you simpleton.

    5. Mitsu says:

      ….Or they want to get married because they’re in love.

    6. i ♣ seals says:

      I think you’ll find it’s so they are afforded the same automatic rights as anyone without being discriminated against.

      And good for them. Why should they be treated as second-class citizens because they offend a bunch of homophobic bigots?

    7. Muhammad Body of dog says:

      They want to call it marriage because that undermines marriage while giving them more opportunity to claim they are being treated unfairly.

      Gays want entitlement.

    8. Michael B - Repeal Prop. 8! says:

      Except that wills can be contested by anti-gay relatives. And inheritance is only one part of the equation. We demand that we be treated the same way in the country of our birth as everyone else, particularly when we pay the same taxes as everyone else. We are tired of having heterosexual marriage jammed down our throats when it is an unnatural lifestyle for us.

      As a Christian, I’d like to lovingly point out that your verbiage is a bit strident. I would remind you that Scripture warns us that revilers are not going to Heaven.

    9. Insulin Cat7 says:

      Homosexuality is not natural and the effects homosexuals have on our youth is disturbing in a big way. Any motive legal and or otherwise must be questioned because homosexuality is not natural.

    10. Liz is now report monkey proof says:

      And what if a will isn’t written ? The default is usually to the married partner.

      Anyway, in any case, Christianity did not invent religion. So applying Christian standards to it(in it’s legal incarnation) is a violation of the separation of church and state. If we let you set the standards for legal marriage (no gays), it would tantamount to saying ‘no Wiccans’ or ‘no Presbyterians’.

      Anyway, you seem worried. Is it b/c the tide seems to be turning towards gays having equal rights under the law ? Is it b/c people in NY are getting married but they’re not different genders ? Awww, poor baby. My heart goes out to you. Poor widdle baby’s worried his world might not be obeying his imaginary god’s wishes. Awwww….

      Keep it up, FatL, you’re just making me happier. I love to see you squirm.

      Ironically, the ‘ideas and ways’ of many of these homosexuals includes Christianity. Yeah, perverse like you said.

    11. Everard says:

      You sure are a nasty piece of work.
      BUT I love you cos you show what xian love is really all about.
      *tips hat*

    12. 2FollowHim says:

      I do see homosexuals (I call them SAME’s) as twisted, as destructive of society,
      as removing a man from meeting a woman and having a marriage.
      I see SAME’s as never being happy, as wanting to usurp what men
      and women have, to try to not only be like them, but to be them,
      to wipe them out. And they will always deny these things because
      they don’t think so, but that’s because things haven’t …evolved…to
      that point yet. Maybe we should say ‘devolved’.

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