Signs That a Couple May Need a Divorce

Signs That a Couple May Need a Divorce

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Home Page > Law > National, State, Local > Signs That a Couple May Need a Divorce

Signs That a Couple May Need a Divorce

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Posted: Dec 23, 2010 |Comments: 0

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Couples get married with the aim of living together for the rest of their lives. However, not all couples enjoy successful married relationships. There are a lot of factors that cause marriages to fail. One of these reasons is incompatibility. This happens when couples fail to discover each other’s flaws and weaknesses prior to joining hands in marriage.


In Los Angeles, divorce is legal, but it is has never been an easy procedure.  Legally speaking, filing a divorce takes a lot of financial resources, time, and documentary support and evidence. Filing for divorce is also stressful and emotionally traumatic, especially if there are kids involved.


A lot of couples in Los Angeles try to save their marriages as much as possible. However, many husbands and wives realize that some things are really not meant to happen or work out. There are some factors in a married couple’s relationship that can serve as evaluating factors as in deciding whether a divorce should be filed.


Divorce may be needed when there is excessive abuse between the husband and the wife. Marital abuse can manifest in physical or emotional abuse. Either way, the couple needs to seek the assistance of psychologists and marriage counselors. If the abuse becomes unbearable, a divorce lawyer Los Angeles can be of great help in putting an end to the maltreatment.


Another sign of that divorce may be needed is a spouse’s addiction to drugs, alcohol, or gambling. These addictions lead to the spouse’s inability in maintaining a proper relationship with people around him or her. It may also pose risks to family safety. In cases like this, a divorce lawyer Los Angeles would be of great help to the couple. The divorce attorney could make it possible for the afflicted spouse to receive rehabilitation.


The greatest ground for divorce among married couples is the issue of infidelity. A single, non-repeating occurrence of infidelity may create a positive effect to couples as long as they reconcile and recommit to each other. However, if the infidelity becomes continuous or repetitive, it becomes a ground for divorce. The role of a divorce lawyer Los Angeles is to gather strong evidences to stabilize the strength of this ground.


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