Should I use a divorce mediator to save money in an amicable divorce?

My husband of 14 years wants a divorce. We have gone to counseling, and he is unwilling to try to save the marriage. Even though I am hurt, I cannot force him to love me. We have two young children. I currently work part-time and go to college full-time. We agree on how much support I would need, and what kind of visitation and property split would occur. Should we try a mediator and forgo lawyers?

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    3 Responses to Should I use a divorce mediator to save money in an amicable divorce?

    1. Truth Sets You Free says:

      you can try a mediator first and see if that works is can be court ordered and signed by both parties, but at least consult with a lawyer for legal advise on this..

    2. Nunya B says:

      no. mediators help you decide on things. you have already done that. you either need a paralegal to draw up the papers or you can write them up yourself with a template from office max or a similar place

    3. Miss Renee says:

      I have been divorced and we tried to work with one attorney. Make sure you consult a good attorney before you agree to anything. Spell out ALL details. How visitation will work, how money will increase with cost of living, how child support will be paid and how much. Who will pay for medical care, braces and college. How far away either of you can live from the kids (michigan does not allow you to move further then 100miles from the children) who pays for child care. Who gets the house and last years taxes. Who gets to deduct the children from income taxes. How will the holidays be divided. Who watches the kids on half days and sick days. There are million things to answer and being specific will cause you far less stress and worry in the future.

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