Sarah Ng feat. Rose Law – “Grounds For Divorce” (Elbow cover)

Myself + the gorgeous Rose Law covering Elbow’s ‘Grounds For Divorce’. I ain’t gonna lie to ya, it took 2 hours to get it one take without messing up. Hope you like! And yes, I’m wearing pyjamas 😛

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    19 Responses to Sarah Ng feat. Rose Law – “Grounds For Divorce” (Elbow cover)

    1. The1Guitarist1 says:

      well worth your 2 hours hard work, amazing video, keep it up!

    2. dalekkeeper says:

      You two rawk! :3

    3. sarahlouiseng says:

      Why thank youuu 🙂

    4. DaisyIT says:

      rose sounded really posh >.<

    5. sarahlouiseng says:

      It’s always one of us! On Smelly Cat, it was me, so I guess this time it’s her 😛

    6. sarahlouiseng says:

      Thank you! 😀 and we will 😛

    7. stemacca says:

      Awsome, best song ever! 😀

    8. loveMyFreakinLife says:

      wow this is really good! Good job girls 😉

    9. JimmyPageGod says:

      very nice thumbs up

    10. requiemforanightmare says:

      this is good. good singing… only thing is.. its a little bit boring. fair enough the idea of covers is to make it your own… but whereas elbow made this a very pulsy song… this seems empty, and doesnt do either original or your song justice…. spice it up a bit though and it would be incredible!

    11. GuitarSummerS says:

      Woah wasn’t expecting that nice one (Y) Twas good that 🙂

    12. julianraw says:

      Need some emotion and spirit into the song, otherwise your just repeating the song in your own way

    13. rselaw says:

      i hate how the more i watch this the more i dislike my voice and realise i can play it far better! haha

    14. NATASHAPESTKA94 says:


    15. cychong91 says:

      awesome cover!

    16. sammmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy says:

      good job,girls!! 🙂

    17. rozza12320 says:

      great voices and good simple guitar that suited the song, well done!

    18. RacsoNamron says:

      Where’s the epic button??!!

    19. teacosy00 says:

      Wow! Really good! You two have such great voices!!!

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