Sanford and Son – Divorce Sanford Style 2-3

After a battle with her husband, Esther takes refuge in the Sanford home.

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    25 Responses to Sanford and Son – Divorce Sanford Style 2-3

    1. youngrebels75 says:

      MAN, listen to the women in the audience at 02:28 …

    2. zaiagamble says:

      @youngrebels75 my favorite part with them is when fred gets a pool table


    3. youngrebels75 says:

      @zaiagamble LMAO! I know that episode! “Grady… please don’t suck yo’ teeth when I’m talkin’ to you… ”
      But nothing can beat Fred being sick upstairs when he ate eight day old collard greens, man. And Esther walks up the stairs and visits him in bed. “Who you callin’ ugly, sucka?”
      “You.” Esther … you so ugly, I could dip yo face in dough… and make gorilla cookies.” YOU CAN’T WRITE STUFF LIKE THAT!! LOL

    4. zaiagamble says:

      @youngrebels75 eight day old greenes?!?!

    5. youngrebels75 says:

      @zaiagamble … oh tell me you’ve seen that episode. It’s under “Libra Rising All Over Lamont.”

      “Not even Superman could handle that.”

    6. zaiagamble says:

      @youngrebels75 seen every episode

    7. youngrebels75 says:

      @zaiagamble OK, just checkin’ 🙂

    8. nickelwindow53 says:

      Tryna find the name of my fav Sanford and Son episode. Its the one when all the cast was sitting in the audience watchig a ground of white actors potraying there roles and Ester yells to the white one its SUCKA!…..LOL…..please help me find that episode.

    9. sflachuck says:

      why you old bean eating, beady head barrel hugging donkey…


    10. MissNikki198426 says:

      This is my favorite episode!

    11. Steven197981 says:

      Lamont: Hey, what do you want me to do? Throw Aunt Esther in the street?
      Fred: Mmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmm.


    12. ktpellas says:

      Esther: My, my. Poor little couch. I know you haven’t been dusted in years.

      Fred: My, my. Poor little couch. I bet this is the first time you’ve been sat on by a buffalo.

    13. slaymass6 says:

      @nickelwindow53 Steinberg and Son

    14. STiLisHiShlyME says:

      my mouth dropped open when he put that paper bag over her head!! OMgosh Fred is outrageous!!! LOL

    15. mstewart61 says:

      @nickelwindow53 Steinberg and Son is the name of the episode.

    16. salukistyle says:

      a lot of times esther is the one who starts the fights/name calling, yet when fred fires back she gets all pissed.

    17. TYTYRANCE says:


    18. MrsD7777 says:

      Oh No He DIDN”T put a bag on her head !!!! ROTFL!!!@Fred Kraaazzziiiee!

    19. bigadrian100 says:

      on my iphone it dose not do that white wheel that gose around and around!

    20. 2hllywd says:

      wolfwoman LOL

    21. 2hllywd says:

      2:56-3:03 LOL

    22. Africameow says:

      lol wolfwomen dont come out until its a full moon-Fred Sanford one funny ol dude

    23. earlspann says:

      I love this one. Fred said hey woody lervern wants to speak to you in front of ester. And the fight is one. Lol This is too funy.

    24. earlspann says:

      I love this one The phone rang and it was leverne. Fred said leverne in front of ester. and the fight is on. Lol. Too Funny.

    25. panamaniak says:

      Fred threw salt in the game on purpose,lol

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