Russell Brand confirms he is divorcing Katy Perry

Russell Brand has confirmed he is divorcing Katy Perry, saying: “I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”. Report by Sophie Foster. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at

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    25 Responses to Russell Brand confirms he is divorcing Katy Perry

    1. mystikall89 says:

      russell was always too good for her.

    2. memphisWhiteyForReal says:

      Big difference between 72 days and 14 months…

    3. TheSuperHeroic says:


      FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. twilightlover1ish says:

      I love Katy Perry and Russell Brand but was it really because they were to different or was because it was a ruff patch? Cause nowadays most ppl not not just celbs their marriages are gettin to a ruff part and the don’t want to go on anymore they day this is gettin hard I don’t want to go on and ruin a good relationship in some cases ppl give up way to easily ppl shud try harder i no that there is ppl who try real hard but it doesn’t work out I understand that I no that sometimes it just doesn’

    5. IAmYourHEAVEN says:

      How it could lose such women?!
      How it was possible to say, what they together for ever and to sue for divorce in a month after that?
      Never Russell was pleasant, but now I sympathize with Katie even more (((
      And how you can speak about citizenship when people so loved each other?! You heartless!

    6. keixphunk says:

      I really thought they were gonna last cause you know… Russel and Katy aren’t like the types of people who would just end something so special.

    7. Music4ever248 says:

      celebrity couples never last very long nowadays. Then again, neither do non celeb couples

    8. mp3talon says:

      OK don’t whisper

    9. LenaMLandrutFan says:

      To be honest i thought they last forever! I read it on New Years Eve and i was so shocked! I just thought this is jut a rumor…… oh nooooooooooo! :'(

    10. PinkyBlue159 says:

      Did Katy and Russell have a baby or not?

    11. brightcolours234 says:

      🙁 they were the best.

    12. C3gee says:

      this is a lieeeeeee

    13. BluePaperSocks says:

      i thought they were perfect for eachother :'( though on the up side russell brand can start going out with noel fielding ;)

    14. Edgehead10075 says:

      Katy’s back on the market. Hooray!

    15. kassiegirl100 says:

      i just feel that its is sad

    16. trkmrc says:

      İ thought this when they married theyre just not meant for each other

    17. CheryPendragonMakeUp says:


    18. MissDoine says:

      @MegaCheeseandonion hahahaha ikr

    19. Veronikafied says:

      OMG there’s a channel called KatyPerryDivorced?? I <3 KATY!!!

    20. Veronikafied says:

      @PinkyBlue159 No lol

    21. Veronikafied says:

      I feel so sorri for Katy though :/

    22. ThatsWhatsCrazy says:

      fuck this,it’s not sad.any other regular couple would fight for their marriage and they’d get over their issues, but they’re too famous to try? No,fuck that. Get a divorce.

    23. Apoundn5 says:

      i knew it wouldn’t last i mean come on could you really put up with Russel all your life hes an annoying twat

    24. ric3c4k3z says:

      Another celebrity marriage ending in divorce? Who woulda thought..

      In other news, the sky is blue..

    25. taborszernagy says:


      but why did Katy need the UK citizenship?

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