Rules of the Floss w/ Happyslip

Floss every day — you know that. But do you know the rules of flossing? Do you know proper etiquette when using floss next to a loved one? Happyslip joins Matt Koval as he offers a few guidelines for keeping your live-in relationship well… happy. Be sure to visit the ultra-talented Happyslip at Music by Kevin MacLeod Read how this video came about What are your worst flossing habits? Please answer in a comment! http

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25 Responses to Rules of the Floss w/ Happyslip

  1. alexpss13 says:

    jaj he looks like ed templeton jaj nice vids bro:)

  2. NB5BHVL says:

    I like snacks

  3. MrRaulj25 says:

    @Idantino lol

  4. ronabdullahu says:

    nice video, funny sh*t

  5. TheGamerOwns says:

    matt koval= new tom cruise

  6. TPRacingKG says:


  7. mcsdaver says:

    Wish you could have Happy Slip in more of your videos.
    Your videos rock and so do hers.

  8. Xanthosis012 says:

    she’s ur wife, mate?

  9. HelloxHixWatsup says:

    eww ahahaha

  10. MissProudFilipina says:

    ohhh Matt..your so handsome and hot !!! are you a celebrity ?

  11. dota465 says:

    why is happyslip wearing make up….

  12. PriyaHeartsYou says:

    @Xanthosis012 lol. no, they’re just friends. the girl (happyslip on youtube) is already married. haha 🙂

  13. Xanthosis012 says:

    @PriyaHeartsYou oh, ok…she’s so young… i already know that matt is married too

  14. PriyaHeartsYou says:

    @Xanthosis012 i think she just looks really young 🙂 lol. shes actually 31 years old…she has one son whos 4 and another one on the way! 🙂

  15. MrandMissConverted says:

    Funny! I really enjoyed this. Teaching is so much more fun when it is done with humor. I posted a video on making toothpaste at home and was looking for ideas for dental floss in general and found this. great stuff!

  16. piccoladeakarin says:

    Oh my God. °_°

  17. themmarie says:

    you know those toys that have the little metal shavings in them and you can drag them around and make pictures with another magnet on a stick..? thats what your beard reminds me of:) cool.

  18. unfathomableinquiry says:

    Some people are beyond fucked to be given even any sort of constructive advice.
    The fella in the video sure has lost his Goddamn mind, let me tell you! So, several decades of human evolution and this is what we have to show for? Some people are fucked, let me tell you!

  19. kortezez says:


  20. ahminah20 says:

    Thats so funny! It really made me laugh!!

  21. Krandee159 says:

    i love you becuz you talk to the people that comment on your vids

  22. MattKoval says:

    @Krandee159 Thanks Krandee. 🙂

  23. MattKoval says:

    @themmarie Actually, that’s what my beard is made of. Wouldn’t that be cool! 😉

  24. jbbtesla says:

    That was hilarious, dude!!!

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