Roseanne DIVORCE Part 2

It’s Two for One Tuesday at the Landford Inn and Roseanne is planning a reservation. Dan, although not particularly happy, agrees to go with Roseanne to a nice dinner for two. While at the dinner, Roseanne & Dan discover an interesting piece of news about their old friend Patsy.

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    25 Responses to Roseanne DIVORCE Part 2

    1. Ferdie1985 says:


    2. BrianEaZy says:

      Wonderful episode ! So REAL and What married couples go through. Truly a TV CLASSIC.

    3. rani1223 says:

      Dan: Hey, i was thinkin’.
      Roseanne: Don’t do that!

    4. ozzygodisgod says:

      I am going through a divorce and I wish it was so simple

    5. krystlerita says:

      That ending scene was so sweet

    6. jpanderson06 says:

      @ozzygodisgod Thats too bad =( I went through a divorce in 2006, and luckily we had no kids and we didnt own anything so it was simple for us. But a divorce isnt the end.. its a new beginning. Everybody deserves to be happy, and everybody has that special someone that was made just for them. I hope you find your special someone and end up living a happy and full life 🙂 Try to keep your chin up and stay positive no matter how dark things get.

    7. ozzygodisgod says:

      @jpanderson06 Thank you it has been a dark time for me, but I have to remember that the sun will come out tomorrow and I am my daughters hero

    8. lace2u1 says:

      I love Dan & Roseanne’s relationship, they are the best TV husband and wife!

    9. SenseOfFailure says:

      I love this show so much ’cause it reminds me of, well me. I am a lot like Roseanne. My brother’s a lot like Darlene. Dan reminds me of my dad. I have an aunt that sleeps around and has been with many guys, like Jackie. My ex-boyfriend was neurotic and gutless like David. My stepmom’s stupid like Mark. I come from a small town like Lanford. My mom and I both whine a lot like Becky, Darlene and Roseanne. My brother’s name is Marc, and to top it all off, my mom’s name is Rosanne!

    10. PlayerOfPiano says:

      Dan and Roseanne used to seem so much happier. What happened?

    11. RENTluver06 says:

      @sureseg me too. I think thats one of the things I LOVE about roseanne is that its so realistic its just like my family; my mom is exactly like roseanne and her and dan are like my parents .
      its also why its so hard to accept the ending of the show b/c all I can think is what if that happens to my parents ya know. lol
      I am WAY WAY WAY too obsessed lol

    12. RENTluver06 says:

      @SenseOfFailure WOW lol

    13. HPpaige says:

      I aspire to to have a relationship just like Dan and Roseannes. They might not be perfect, but they have fun together and love each other more than anything. cept mayb their kids.

    14. SuperBluestar08 says:

      Why is it every time a woman puts a ring on a mans finger their feet stop moving? Cuts off the circulation lmao classic!!!

    15. zomgpunkins says:

      lol. I like how Darlene seems to fly in from the side (3:18) and Jackie looks really pretty in this episode (4:19). In the first few seasons, it’s heart-warming how Dan and Roseanne teased, insulted and joked with each other a lot. 🙂

    16. Noromongrel says:

      DJ’s “You’re late”, is freaking funny.

    17. moviefreak1992 says:


      I know, Roseanne and Full House were my favorite shows.

    18. dave2806 says:

      i married an english roseanne , love woman who curve !!!!

    19. xXxXBleedPurpleXxXx says:

      Roseanne Conner inspired me to be the quick witted smartass that I am today.

    20. SuperBluestar08 says:

      I hope to have a relationship like they did its so real and amazing. I wish they were together in real life.

    21. mhmarcum says:

      I love how she goes up to do stuff like get the coffee and just like well not gets everyone there coffee I like that does that it cracks me up

    22. tommy1973able says:


    23. thenightprowleracdc says:

      hahah they are in the shower

    24. geekoftheweek27 says:

      Making popcorn!

    25. daisyladii says:

      DJ is so cute

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