Roseanne DIVORCE Part 1

Part 1.

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    25 Responses to Roseanne DIVORCE Part 1

    1. kbowles89 says:

      Hi i’m roseanne and this is dan and we will be your customers. about a year ago me and a couple of my friends were at ryan’s and the waitress came up to us and said her name, and i did that very same thing. i always wanted to do that and i finally did. 🙂

    2. purpal78 says:


    3. texaslonghorn2010 says:

      This was back when the show was great! Starting the fourth season, in my opinion, it stopped being a comedy and became more of a drama.

    4. stoag77 says:

      the one item in this show that is seen throughout all nine seasons is Darlenes gymbag at 1:09.

    5. pleasentone69 says:

      They just dont make good lasting show like this anymore

    6. watchfulwolf says:

      wont work past .51

    7. nyfxtrader says:

      @kbowles89 Too funny kbowles89… so did my brother, sister and I….Funny times!

    8. Sammy0ify says:

      I love this show. I watched every episode:)

    9. cavecandle31 says:

      TOP BEST sitcom EVER!!!!!!!!!

    10. barrieboy13 says:

      @stoag77 that might be true but I heard it was the dinosaur behind the couch in the living room and it was also the blanket on the couch.

    11. r3ap3r10 says:

      i kinda like seinfeld better NO SOUP FOR YOU!!! lol

    12. belladonna4577 says:

      “utah housewife stabs husband 37 times…”
      “i admire her restraint.”

      “roseanne, i promise. you’re the only bimbo in my life.”

    13. sincerelywithlove says:

      @r3ap3r10 Ooooh, it’s such a hard choice!

    14. downsystem13 says:

      RoseanneConnerVideo rules… thumbs up if you hate Crystal!

    15. TheSQUALLLINE says:

      @cavecandle31.Could not of had said it better!!!!!!!

    16. SukiTien says:

      “Yes, Dan, it’s tonight. No Dan, it’s tonight. Oh, that’s right…resteraunt’s don’t serve married couples on Tuesdays.”

    17. rani1223 says:

      Hey! Why don’t you look at ”Bean Bad Boy” on YouTube, she’s the CUTEST & FUNNIEST little girl in the world. So just type it in right now!

    18. jpanderson06 says:

      @skylur44 I never saw that movie, but Laurie Metcald *Jackie* is the voice of Andys Mom in the Toy Story movies

    19. jpanderson06 says:

      *Metcalf* lol typo 🙂

    20. rani1223 says:

      5:57 I love it when Dan does that voice!

    21. jojo9970 says:

      Dan: “Guess this means I gotta shave?”
      Roseanne: “Only your legs hot stuff” LOL

    22. platypusone says:

      “may i see the wine list please?…and I”ll have a beer while we’re waiting?” – Dan awesomeness!

    23. kaejae24 says:

      Oh ,tres gallant

    24. SweeetCherryPieAyAy says:

      longest theme song ever, jeez,lol

    25. trixiegrl1024 says:

      love this show….watching these episodes kept me out of trouble when i was growing up:)…love darlene….my sister is a lot like her….clever and sarcastic:)

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