Robertson: Divorce Your Wife With Alzheimers

Pat Robertson suggests that a man whose wife is suffering with Alzheimers just divorce her and move on.

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    25 Responses to Robertson: Divorce Your Wife With Alzheimers

    1. AvalonJoyous666 says:


      zzzz As usual you prove you know jackshit no surprise lol I actually went out with my sister and mom today we had a good day out together .Same cant be said for your parents though can it kid? I bet they have nothing to do with you at all no surprise 🙂

    2. whitenight003 says:

      @888ferocious Just looked at your channel and the comments on the left side. The Bible states in Exekiel 18:20 “…The son will not bear the punishment for the father’s iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the son’s iniquity…. Deuteronomy 24:16 states the same thing. Both were written by different authors about 1000 years apart.

    3. 888ferocious says:

      @AvalonJoyous666 Suffice it to say little Tinkerbell, that you obviously see nothing wrong with your far-left crazed ideology of men making love out in public in front of kids?, and smacking each other on the butts with a family of four right behind them who are preaching their kids the right way to live which is heterosexuality and being responsible for your own actions, something you never have been……

    4. 888ferocious says:

      @AvalonJoyous666 .(Cont’d) this is what you would call the “real world ” Kendra , when and if ( which i highly doubt) u move out of mommas “bro” you might actually know what i am referring too…

    5. AvalonJoyous666 says:


      lol You are such a COWARD an intelligent person whiteknight said something to you yet typical coward you are you ignored him and focused on me like the pathetic obsessive lunatic YOU are lol 🙂

    6. AvalonJoyous666 says:


      Something you never have been? Fucker you are so full of shit you should be called a toxic waste dump period lol You know nothing of my life moron only what your ignorant ass perceives period. Amazing how you continue to lie 2 you and your friends though are constantly trying to put words into peoples mouths.What other people do is THEM not me thats not how I was raised but as usual your pitiful BIAS never lets up regardless of the TRUTH I speak.Which is something YOU never say.

    7. 888ferocious says:

      @AvalonJoyous666 Speaking of putting words into peoples mouths you hypocritical crack-wristed cretin, aren’t you the delusional penis pirate that keeps insisting that “i’m” a pedo?..when u have no such proof, and u like to cast labels on people that oppose your “off the far left” point of view in condoning your self-destructive homosexual behavior?…..

    8. 888ferocious says:

      @AvalonJoyous666 if i were you Kendra i would stop trying to put “things” (yourself ) into males mouths, , and be a little more focused on putting in a little more effort into attaining some labor…i don’t think lounging around mommas ranch house every day is what i would call “productive”, especially at your middle-age…..

    9. Shoots1978 says:

      ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”
      Matt 19:5-6 (ESV)

    10. Shoots1978 says:

      @AvalonJoyous666 Where does a “real christian” threaten to kill someone if they are gay? Christians are suppose to love their enemies. Whether your a liar, a thief, a murderer, and adulterer, and yes even gay, we should love you. But it’s not a worldy wishy washy low down love. It is a compassion for, (a pity) for the person. And this is one of my gifts, mercy, which means that (to pity), which is what Jesus did.

    11. djschultz821 says:

      My mother is taking care of my father who has had Alzheimer’s for the last 12 years. This is the 4th family member she had been a caregiver for. She would NEVER think of leaving my father. She is 82, he 85To leave someone like my father would be unquestionable to me. Marriage vows are sacred vows of love, not to be dismissed for inconvenience and/or discomfort. Shame on you Pat Robertson for such a suggestion.

    12. themalina92 says:

      So many professing Christians promote adulterous marriages and, in fact, most churches facilitate them by marrying divorced people.

      I am seriously considering the Amish way of life in order to get away from the worldly churches of today of which many appear to be of the apostate variety.

      Luke 18:8
      However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?

      The Pat Robertson types seem to be fairweather Christians who promote easy Believism as saving faith.

    13. coolinlansing says:

      At least Pat Robertson is consistent. Everytime he opens his mouth, he continues to prove how ignorant of the Bible he really is.

    14. oneirishpoet says:

      @XPsychoBurgundyX oh no, you are absolutely right in wanting to punch this sad pathetic ignorant phony Xtain piece of shit right in his blasphemous orifice…and since the senile old fuck probably HAS Alzheimer’s himself it’s ok to punch him REAL HARD since he’s pretty much dead already…and in Pat’s case I’d even suggest euthanasia as an acceptable way to put him out of the misery that it must be living inside his mentally retarded brain

    15. oneirishpoet says:

      @ReformedFundy thanks for sharing that beautiful story, my wife’s 94 year old Dad is going thru the same thing right now and she and her sister care for him in exactly that same loving way, because they love him for who he IS, right now, and also for the wonderful man he was for their entire lives…it angers me to hear this asshole phony Xtain Robertson continue to spew his hateful bullshit on the public airwaves, I hope he dies a horrible death and goes to the hell he richly deserves

    16. AvalonJoyous666 says:


      So let me get this straight you PITY me for being gay? You are not above me because you are a Christian you are beneath me for taking that kind of stance to begin with.If this being LOVED everyone then people like you distort what they stood for especially claiming that that being LOOKED DOWN on people as if they were inferior to him as if they were something to pity.Disgraceful.Ive had plenty of Christians threaten to cut me open for being gay as well so you are wrong.

    17. AvalonJoyous666 says:

      Not to mention think of how hypocritical that is if that being was a being of love then why would he look at ANYONE as an ENEMY in the first place? It’s nice to know how people like you truly feel though nice to know that people like myself are looked down on pitied and looked at as the enemy just because your bible makes you feel you have the authority to JUDGE anyone you feel like judging.Judge not lest ye be judged every heard of that passage? Didn’t think so.

    18. AvalonJoyous666 says:


      Im glad your insanity continues CHRISTIAN which you are compulsive liar you just won’t admit it.But thank you for continuing to prove my point about people like you.Its nice that you are so incredibly vile stupid and hateful though because the more people like you that open your disgusting mouths the more people turn AGAINST your kind for the way you act and your despicable behavior.If we ever met up little boy trust me this FAG could take you down count on that wimpy one lol 🙂

    19. AvalonJoyous666 says:


      No matter what you say shortshit Im always gonna tower over your fugly ass 🙂 Now run along chickenshit and hide behind your lame ass icons thinking you scare intimidate or hurt peoples feelings.Typical sociopath lol

    20. DuhEnlightenedOne says:

      What an arrogant piece of shit this Pat Robertsonis. He says he doesn’t want to put a guilt trip on you. Oh really, is that what God teaches about marriage? Let’s see, nope, don’t find anything about PAt Robertson guilt trips in the scriptures. This guy needs to be excommunicated from the Church. Matthew 18:15-17

    21. Shoots1978 says:

      @AvalonJoyous666 Have you read Romans 5:6? While we were enemies, Christ died for us. We (you and I) and everyone else. We broken the law, we sinned against Him, we put the nail in His hands and feet and killed the Son of God. Have you ever had someone do wrong to you? It feels like they drove a stake right into you, doesn’t it. That’s what you and I did too Him. But He loved us anyway’s. The world doesn’t understand this love, so in order to get rid of it they kill it.

    22. Aiwendillie says:

      If you’re a terrible human being, for the love of god don’t use Christianity or the bible as a scapegoat. Somehow people always manage to interpret His word in the worst of ways.

      Alzheimer’s robbed my grandmother of the past FIFTEEN years of life, but my grandfather was by her side EVERY DAY. Every step of the way. He cried for her, but still took care of her. He fed her when she couldn’t even eat.
      You don’t just say “hmm I’m a bored, I need to get action somehow. God will surely approve.”

    23. AvalonJoyous666 says:


      Im atheist therefore I am a non believer and as far as love TRUE pure love it is a rarity in this day and age especially to see that from ANY Christians.Thankfully I have many Christian friends who LOVE and most of all do not JUDGE do not condemn and do not act as if they are self righteous or holier then thou like most Christians act like in this world .

    24. Shoots1978 says:

      @AvalonJoyous666 If they did care for you man, they would warn you. That is if you were on the wrong path wouldn’t they? Test them and see if they are really your friends, and if they are really chistians? Will you know 100%, probaly not. Only each person knows. Yes, it may appear that those as you say, “holier” than though are self-righteous, but you can’t really say that without being judgmental yourself. You can’t see in thier mind. So why you say I judge you, you are judging me? Judge not!

    25. 888ferocious says:

      @AvalonJoyous666 Every day is Groundhog day for you Kendra, no matter what day of the week it is we can always find you somewhere roaring up a fit towards others that disagree with your unemployed lifestyle that consists of you being 100% gay, along with you needling your “momma” constantly for some “loot” to go purchase yourself a pair of 20$ high-heels down at…so what are the trendy fashions for ladies-wear this fall Kendra?..

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