Rescue Marriage: Act To Make Divorce Illegal in California

John Marcotte talks with me and answers questions from the audience about his attempts to make Divorce Illegal in the state of California

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25 Responses to Rescue Marriage: Act To Make Divorce Illegal in California

  1. Bub1029 says:

    Oh, I get it, you’re a troll. Have fun being a dick and making no progress in any discussion you’re ever a part of. Bye.

  2. monkeybiznis1 says:

    threw up a little in my mouth watching this guy. hard to tell if he was being serious and joking or just being plain serious, but either way it sucked. i’m fine with divorce being illegal as long as you can throw the unwanted spouse in a pit of no return and marry again…

  3. frosty3579 says:

    Great video. I only wish people would think before opening their mouths (or typing frantically in this case). Oh well, some people will never get it.

  4. glorpy2 says:

    How is quoting (verbatim) the arguments used against marriage for same-sex couples trolling? Even NOM has said that they’re tackling one issue at a time when people ask about divorce. So our host here is simply calling them out on their hypocrisy (since no sane person will sign), as am I.

  5. CrowColdblade says:

    Stop divorces, ban marriage.

  6. debbieomi says:

    HAHA ! Your friend got a segment on The Young Turks today! Excellent!

  7. MrDarkbloom says:

    Genius idea. Go get the homophobic sons a bitches.

  8. laura835 says:

    Fantastic idea!

  9. NoSlow78 says:

    Ban Divorce
    Make it ok to beat your wife.

    Its all in the Bible.

    Its also actually ok to sacrifice animals to God. Read Deuteronomy.

  10. beepsix says:

    are you stupid? it’s obvious that he is being sarcastic.

  11. beepsix says:

    I think this would have been better if there was no audience. it’s hard to hear what he is saying.

  12. StarTrekLivz says:

    Yes, all those Roman Catholics and Mormons who dropped BIG BUCKS to pass Prop 8 should donate to and vote for this.

    otherwise they are hypocrites lying to God, society, and themselves

  13. TheEddyMetal says:

    @ CrowColdblade

    Damn good idea.

  14. VolatileReaction says:

    Didn’t they already do one? Family Values or something like that.

  15. TomMSTie says:

    They did do one about Traditional Family Values but they never discussed divorce. Besides, this is P&T we’re talking about, most of that show was about fucking.

  16. ihavenospaces says:

    couldn’t agree more

  17. ihavenospaces says:

    ha ha. let’s not stop there! how about just banning woman/man interaction! stop it at where it begins!

  18. LaReinaDelBarrio says:

    I want to enlist my editing services in this wonderful campaign to protect marriage from evil heterosexuals who would try to get out of their vows! You want to own marriage, straights? Then own it, you already used the constitution to take rights from Californians. Now take the rights from that slut next door! How dare she divorce when YOU can’t? Ban divorce! Or else they’ll turn over Prop 8 as they laugh their asses off at your hypocrisy.

  19. Uktrayf says:

    god i hate filthy breeders

  20. brianh406 says:

    Make it illegal for Penis Vaginal Sex! LOL Awesome:)

  21. edgarcycheung says:

    great, no divorce for heterosexual marriage………………great idea, genius.protect our family values…….NO DIVORCE………

  22. Crossplane951 says:

    Your clearly not seeing the big picture or you wrote that comment to piss people off. This guy is making a joke by promoting this act. He’s not seriously thinking he can ban divorce, he just wants attention from the media. This thing probably wont make it to the ballott, if it does, it will not pass. Some of Marcotte’s comments are ludicrous.

  23. LaReinaDelBarrio says:

    Uktrayf, you can call the males “balloon dads”

  24. Ramshobraja says:

    Brilliant idea!

  25. jholttn says:

    Stone your unruly children, this is in the Bible also

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