Reno Divorce – “How Long’s It Been?”

The OFFICIAL music video for the brand new single from Reno Divorce. “How Long’s It Been?” appears on their new album, “Tears Before Breakfast,” which will be released July 21st in the US and June 12th in Europe on I Scream Records.

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25 Responses to Reno Divorce – “How Long’s It Been?”

  1. wayne122244 says:

    I really like The sound of Reno Divorce. I would really like to see you in concert.

  2. TheGodelieve says:

    thanks reno divorce for the music, i love it !!!

  3. oldschoolqbek says:

    That’s true… ;d

  4. rhapster says:

    Sounds like Social Distortion, and the singer is VERY inspired by Mike Ness.. I mean, look at his style and even the tattoos.. Cool song though!

  5. i0am0music says:

    Well I still love em and you can pick up their cd at Best But

  6. denniskellie says:

    Good stuff !

  7. MaxWinchester666 says:

    he has the same tattoo ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. TellitAll6 says:

    Hey you know the whole comments about being inspired by Mike Ness and the sounding like Social is actually a good thing.

  9. weepforamerica says:

    best band name ive know !!!
    kick ass band

  10. TaikkaGg says:

    jhajajajja aa melisa le gusta el happy punk jajajaja

  11. mih88 says:

    get me lyrics please???????????

  12. keelynrylee says:

    these are pretty cool…see them here in denver as much as I can..might go a few months but Brent always remembers my name…and the pits are pretty good usually too…glad they are rolling with Streetdogs on tour…good shit…

  13. MaxWinchester666 says:

    till 0:26 it sounds like social D

  14. LoveMurderBlues says:

    social distortion.. throug and throug! i like this one!!

  15. tja442355 says:

    my sisters best friend is engaged to one of them, does that make me famous?

  16. zlanglais111 says:

    see you guys in denver with the street dogs tomorrow

  17. seanstabu says:

    these guys are the schitt!! good peeps at that too!!
    brent,tim,tye,and andrew”darthdiablo”
    cya tomorrows respect the rock!!

  18. kooterking11 says:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ nice stuff. half the band, if mistaken then the whol band live on the other side of my street. Tim, the basist is a cool guy.

  19. LordHoshiyomi says:

    No That makes you a tool trying to get fame from a kickass band

  20. milehiartist says:

    By far Denver’s BEST local band. Wish them all the success in the world!

  21. josh414 says:

    fucking love this, gunna check out more, reminds me of social D defo. 5 stars

  22. primitiveman3 says:

    reno’s the best!

  23. Julsischnulsi says:

    They had also played in germany last year and i was there ((: They are really great youยด re right (:
    Great live show…
    Hope they become more popular…

  24. tsloberer says:

    great band. Rare to find a band that sounds like this live and produced!

  25. Lincon88 says:

    Hab se vor ner Woche live gesehn, einfach der Hammer

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