Regina Spektor (Ode To Divorce)

Regina Spektor at the Paramount Theater (Seattle, 11/3/2009) performs Ode To Divorce.

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    18 Responses to Regina Spektor (Ode To Divorce)

    1. AnthonyMinsky says:

      ‘Old song’. Her old song sound like new songs and her new ones sound old. Some of her new songs are old. Bottom line is that she’s awesome no matter what she frickin’ sings.

    2. Serialkillerrrrr666 says:

      So lucky! I love Regina Spektor, and totally missed this concert :/! But next time! Thanks for the video, at least I can see how it turned out! Perfect like I thought!

    3. Eddabed says:

      i’m inside your mouth now (8)

      probably her best song, so haunting and beautiful

    4. alys518 says:

      love this…

    5. Pumpkineata1 says:

      omg watching her perform live is enough to choke you up. She is brilliant <3

    6. ChicaBonita5215 says:

      This song helped me through my divorce.
      It was P E R F E C T :]

    7. juanjamm says:

      Definition of perfection? = 1:16

    8. SmotPoker09 says:

      I’m addicted to Regina. Do i need a doctor?

    9. loverlycactus says:

      i love how she moves her head and closes her eyes when she sings, you can tell that she really feels it.

    10. CmonPepeChan says:

      we’re to listen to ipods during class and when i listen to this song i really wanna scream the “and now” like she does at 1:16
      aww i love her 🙂

    11. joshd108 says:

      🙁 i wish this would load right now. but my computer is shlow

    12. klachopis says:

      @SmotPoker09 Are you living your whole life in bed? Do you take off your shoes every change you get, especially when they’re wet? Have everybody’s features somehow started blending? Would you kiss Regina’s songs til your lips bleed? Have the colors started to change beneath the light? I have experienced many of these syndromes myself, and I can assure you they are signs of growth. Drugs can relieve any discomfort, but to progress, one begin to hope. Search YouTube for “Begin to Hope Live.”

    13. PreciousEarthquakes2 says:

      I feel her older material tugged at your heartstrings more. Each album has hints of Soviet Kitsh, but the first was just perfection. I LOVE her experimenting each album though. she is truly unique. Tori and Regina are my girls!

    14. moretimeproductions says:


    15. johnbkrasinskilover says:

      and you;re goin in, in for the kill kill
      for the kill or kiss kiss, for the kiss kiss

      ^i loooove that line

    16. MissGreenGlasses says:

      The hand you see behind probably belongs to Dan Cho…
      R.I.P Dan!

    17. ReSpekt9845 says:

      seeing regina spektor live has been at the top of my bucket list for a good 4 years now.

    18. IAmPlaysWithSquirrel says:

      @PreciousEarthquakes2 Me too, Soviet Kitsch is my favorite album of Reggie’s. It has a distinct, DIY charm to it, and it’s so varied. All of her albums are good though, so I can’t wait for her next album because she’s yet to disappoint.

      Oh, and technically SV is her third album, just her first to be released by a label.

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