Raw Video: Gary Coleman on ‘Divorce Court’

The honeymoon is over for Gary Coleman and his new bride. The 40-year-old actor and his 22-year-old wife, Shannon Price, are set to appear on TV’s “Divorce Court” on May 1 and 2 to air out their differences. (April 30)

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25 Responses to Raw Video: Gary Coleman on ‘Divorce Court’

  1. Rizky06 says:

    Thanks Gary for the good times and the great memories. You will now find Peace and comfort with God. Hopefully there are model trains in heaven if so, I hope to see the masterpiece you built.

  2. VIEWTUBE00000 says:

    Gary was a bitter little shit.

  3. A86 says:

    @wudanggxkendraaa – I know. Such a messy way they went. In Michael’s case I’m happy he was at least in high spirits in the last few months of his life and in the best mood he had been in since 2005. According to friends and people who worked with him at the time. In Gary’s case he seemed miserable up until the end. I’m starting think those rumors that his wife pushed him down the stairs might be true.

    She didn’t hesitate pulling the plug….

  4. Christstuffer says:


  5. xXshamm3rsXx says:

    his wife was out of his league…he was an actor he could’ve done alot better than some stupid whinging ginger

  6. jburger811 says:

    search on youtube: letter to gary coleman
    its a tribute vid i made for him using a song that was made for him last year

  7. ElDanielMansilla says:


  8. DraconianSilenced says:

    @luvdrmd34 UHHHHH a conspiracy theory!!! Tasty :p

  9. ericorenato88 says:

    watcha talking about Willis !!!

  10. MsSarcia says:

    I think that bitch killed Gary and her father knew about it. Probably killed him for the insurance money and his royality after his death. They should take a thorough look into Gary Coleman death. it’s suspicious as hell imo.

  11. woodyfly says:

    That bitch set his ass up, murder for hire nigga.

  12. liacashmere58 says:

    @wudanggxkendraaa Yes most people in the US are fake! When Gary was alive he was a punchline and a joke. When MJ was alive people thought he had sex with kids (which I still don’t believe). Im happy their dead because now they can rest.

  13. HardKore5250 says:

    oh he bashed his head bingo probably he did that alot and the brain can only take so much and that can cause brain damage

  14. satanknight14 says:

    @liacashmere58 you could have put that a better way , i’m not glad michael is dead , i’m just upset i wasn’t his spokes person and bodyguard , i would have owned people for him. Gary , I wasn’t too much of a fan of his but i feel sorry for anybody dying unhappy or living in hell their whole last years of life.

  15. WillyWill76 says:

    gary died a day after todds b day

  16. jesperc20 says:

    Of course sad that he died, but it was my impression that he was not a very pleasant person and had some rather serious issues. Perhaps Hollywood screwed him up!

  17. GoneBazaar says:


  18. HardKore5250 says:

    What did you think was gonna happen?

  19. JiminyKracker says:

    @djw80158 lol, but if I venture out from the keyboard and call an Asian a gook, he will just smile ‘poritery’ and say “ahh thank you, assole, assole”
    But if and when I go up to a black and say “excuse me good sir, but youtube user djw80158 told me to call you a nigger to see what happens. Soooo: nigger!”
    And then he won’t smile poritery at all. It’s all “I’ll pop a cap in yo ass kracker be-atch” and then proceeds to bum rape me coz it reminds him of simpler times in prison. Coz race=temperament

  20. djw80158 says:

    @JiminyKracker Hey, whoever said life was fair? Blame your forefathers. Love how you mf’s take every opportunity to use the word…with KEYBOARDS. Enough with the back n’forth 2+ days of this bullshit. It is what it is, mr. youtube philosopher “mate.”

  21. TheDiddlysquat says:

    @djw80158 Aussie eh.
    Just 50 years behind the american deep south sport, holy crap australians what can you say about them.
    Let me see they didnt even regard the indigenous maoris as human being untill the late 1960s, the biggest divide between black and white in any country on earth.
    Only black actors in aussie soaps are brought in as criminals and there taught how to behave by the whites.
    I lived there for 3 years and the prejudice there is unreal, blacks, asains, homosexuals, women..

  22. BrimstoneAlpha says:

    wow . . . . dumbing down the masses – America is finished

  23. BigMick888 says:

    Stupid retard show , this is why most people hate america , THE WHOLE FUCKIN WORLD HATE THEESE SHOWS!!!!!

  24. thunderstruck665 says:

    That is one crazy bitch!

  25. lcromy says:

    What is hilarious are these stupid black judge shows. They have Judge Jamal, Judge Brown, Judge Laquanda, and Judge Domonique.

    Plenty of entertainment for the welfare takers.


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