Randy Couture Divorce Attorney – The 2009 World MMA Awards!

The World MMA Awards filmed in Las Vegas, at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, on Wed. Dec 30th 2009. The program will premier of the Versus Network on Wed. night Jan 6th at 9pm

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    25 Responses to Randy Couture Divorce Attorney – The 2009 World MMA Awards!

    1. ninjaskills24 says:

      gone up 3 weight classes…lol…i actually seen someone do that….

    2. dxk2007 says:

      What the FUCK is this ?????

    3. DSAoftheSS says:

      Obviously Randy Couture divorce attorney.

    4. sjoegriffith says:

      He gets better with age, do you shop come on over and check out my site, just click on my name

    5. Ilikemixingthingsup says:

      Quick, someone forward this video to Jenna Jameson… I’m sure she would appreciate it! Fuck Tito Ortiz!!!

    6. royroyboxing says:

      ahahahah! Randy’s awesome

    7. omglollmao123 says:

      Nice to see Randy can make light of his divorce.

      Kim Couture was a real bitch.

    8. mercilessMarksmen says:

      @Ilikemixingthingsup Tito and his wife have children together and have been married for some time. Eat shit faggot

    9. Ilikemixingthingsup says:

      @mercilessMarksmen Whoa, excuse me apparently ripping on someone for BEATING there wife and supporting the wife is frowned upon, you must be a wife beater yourself you fucking fat ass. I took one look at your “push-ups” video and I then and there knew for a fact that you are a troll and a joke. Fuck off.

    10. LoneKGW says:

      Randy quit fighting become one please that would be amazing!!! 😀 hehe he’ll punch your ex in the face.

    11. mercilessMarksmen says:

      @Ilikemixingthingsup If he did beat his wife why didn’t she press chargers? A strong marriage can survive through anything. Me or tito would tear your eye balls out kid. Take it from me and shut the fuck up next time alright ?

    12. Ilikemixingthingsup says:

      @mercilessMarksmen Isn’t it obvious? She’s fucking retarded just like you and Tito, she has a history of drug addiction problems and oh yeah let’s not forget she’s an ex-pornstar, probably the most famous one hence the nickname “queen.” Look kid just because I insulted some chick you fap too doesn’t mean you have to get all offensive and start ranting and trying to threaten me over the internet. Get a life and stop replying to every comment your little feeble mind finds offensive.

    13. CxzdseBvgft says:

      Date and Russian lady ** leefoxnow.info **

    14. MetalTampon says:

      These events really need some new comedy writers. Damn that sucked!

    15. jagdjohn96 says:

      Randy Couture vs Lyoto Machida @ UFC 129, do you think Captain America has the tools or do you think Machida karate will be too much for the 48 year old 5 time champion

    16. Ultrisound says:

      lol at 0:09

    17. americanmambi says:

      We love u Randy

    18. arieperinobng says:

      My sister want to marry someone rockmycity.info

    19. ronnied828 says:

      lol,has your spouse went up three weight classes ,lol

    20. JustinThoj says:

      “Did you catch your wife in a full mount against an unsanctioned opponent??” hahahahahahahaha

    21. EjayzMMa says:

      id hire him any day xD

    22. klaz55 says:

      hahahah 3 weight classes

    23. Impactoteam1 says:

      ahahahahaha. you win

    24. XalexwinsX says:

      I love Randy…

      No Homo.

    25. McFlanker says:

      hahaha awesome!

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