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Gailor | Wallis | Hunt – Family Law – Raleigh, North Carolina How does the economy impact someone who is in the middle of a separation or divorce? Based on the economy, should I separate or divorce now or wait? The marital estate has to be valued and that based on the date of marriage until the date of separation. Everything has to be added up less the debt to get the net value of the estate. In the case of each spouse getting 50% and a business is involved, it may be advantageous to the one who gets the business that can run it to separate when the business value is lower because it gets valued on the day of separation. When you are separating 50/50, timing plays an issue in today’s economy. With homes, there could be a home in the estate that is valued at 00000 that is now valued at 0000. If the one who gets it that can afford to maintain the home because when the market comes back the one who gets the home may have a windfall. On the other hand, the one who gets it and cannot keep it could have a zero value because he or she cannot keep it. A divorce consultation is available. Gailor, Wallis and Hunt offers consultations that can explain what things could be like. Sometimes couples decide that things are not that bad. Getting a value on your assets is important in a divorce. A business could be the most valuable asset in your marital estate. You should hire a divorce law firm that clearly understands business valuation. Retaining divorce counsel with business

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