Please help me understand Ohio law about wills?

My grandfather passed just a month ago and now they are dealing with his will. He left pretty much everything to his wife and absolutely nothing to his kids. My mother and uncle are planning to contest the will but their step-mother called and said she is sending them some papers from the will to sign. What we don’t understand is why they would have to sign anything if they aren’t in the will. Does anyone out there know the answer?

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    1. pragmatism_rules says:

      Tell your mother and uncle not to sign ANY papers until they have a good probate lawyer review them first, explain the papers to them, and recommends that they sign them. It is quite probable that the step-mother wants to get your mom and uncle to sign away their rights or acknowledge that they have no right in the estate, which may not be true. You should also know that in some states, regardless of what the will says, the surviving spouse gets all the estate but in other states, the surviving spouse is only entitled to a portion of the estate and the children receive the rest. They really need to take that will to a good probate lawyer. Good luck and God bless.

    2. trai says:

      It takes three years of law school and several years of practice to understand probate law.

      No one can advise you on a probate case except the attorney you hire. No one else has access to all the necessary information.

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