Pirate cougar to divorce

What better way for a Scotsman to celebrate America’s Independence than to explain John Mellencamp’s divorce from a pirate cougar. Really, this is one you need to see for yourself.

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    25 Responses to Pirate cougar to divorce

    1. LovelyMalevolence says:

      o.o Too bad that you didn’t comment.

    2. Rohit69 says:


    3. pepsi2169 says:

      Second comment.

    4. Sukkerpige says:

      Second comment… feeling speciel…:P

    5. BBQPeanut says:

      And no one cares.

    6. wealdon says:

      Second comment #2

    7. kiarashh66 says:

      fantastic! can some body tell me what is his name?

    8. Lyes99dz says:

      n ,,

    9. thestranded says:

      Yes, there’s nothing more patriotic than an immigrant working on a national holiday! PSH Craig didn’t even get to say ‘my frisky wee ponies’ during the pops!

    10. cocolacroix says:

      i loved his tie

    11. Blafin says:

      *says nothing too 🙂 *

    12. redholt says:

      because tony danza turn them down. HAAHAH I love you craig!

    13. lucas911611 says:

      How is egg cooked?

    14. cabbagehead8 says:

      First to comment that I love Craig Ferguson and this clip!! 🙂

    15. FWNiightmare says:

      lol “worlds greatest super power after opera”

    16. spankytheclown400 says:

      poop smith

    17. donnadegeorge says:

      no … not “worlds greatest super power after opera” …
      “worlds greatest super power after Oprah”

    18. UberCarla says:


    19. Invain01 says:

      that deserves a rofl

    20. DimpleScot says:

      ‘rrraarrrghhhhh it’s over john! you never asked me how my day was!’

    21. t3hinterwebz says:

      anyone else hear the creepy laugh from the audience?

    22. gulllars says:

      It didn’t occur to him that the the divorcée named Cougar could be an older woman who would now be free to prowl on younger men… XD

    23. keir193 says:

      @FWNiightmare haha
      the power of opera is great.

    24. krsmith156 says:

      Why the devil won’t this load!!

    25. DeeArtist321 says:

      I don’t like that “opera” mellow #TUTSI FRUTSI# neither…
      (Shhhhh… She’s The Kraken!!!)
      Love you Craig, may the force be with you.

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