Personal injury claims adjusters are your doctors biased?

Insurance adjusters, when a file is to technical for the injury adjuster and you have to send it to a medical file out for opinion as to the new injury and pre existing how biased are the doctors? Hoe long does it generally take to get the doctors opinion?

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2 Responses to Personal injury claims adjusters are your doctors biased?

  1. Susan K says:

    First off, most claims we send out for an IME or peer review are not because they are too technical. Its usually because we have identified red flags that need to be addressed. We are well trained to look for those red flags. The Dr’s we use are very OBJECTIVE. So if you don’t have objective findings to support your subjective complaints they are not likely to give it too you and will say that you possibly suffered a minor sprain and srain that has resolved. In regards to length of time to get report, I have a case that I waited one year! I won’t use that Dr again!
    We also look at mechanism of injury etc. Thats why I always question low back in rear-end impacts. Physics proves it is not possible. I’m not saying I challenge every single one and hire a bio-mechanics expert , I just treat it like a grain of salt!

  2. CwboyBill says:

    We have our own medical consultants on staff and NO, they aren’t biased.

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