Personal Injuries and Solicitors

Personal Injuries and Solicitors

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Personal Injuries and Solicitors

Posted: Jun 08, 2011 |Comments: 0

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Personal injuries happen in the thousands across all walks of life. The environment they happen in varies from injuries at work, to road traffic injuries. Far too often the individuals responsible for the accident get away without being held liable. Personal injury solicitors make it their aim to bring those responsible, for the cause of such injuries, to be held accountable for their actions.

The majority of personal injury claims, which personal injury solicitors deal with on a day to day basis, are sourced from the following areas:

• Work injuries, commonly through a lack of health and safety precautions.
• Medical negligence, both advice and practice.
• Road traffic accidents, to other vehicles, motorcyclists or pedestrians.
• Slip and fall accidents, the most common personal injury claims, due to trailing wires and wet floors as examples.

If an individual suffers an injury, then they are in their full right to make a compensation claim against the party they deem responsible for the injury. The advice would be to do so using a personal injury solicitor. Fighting a personal injury claim on your own would most likely be a burdensome task. There are many areas that need special consideration when gathering information for a claim. If the claim is to be successful, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

• Identify the party at fault, have clear evidence that they are to blame for the injury.
• Establish that they should have foreseen the accident which caused you harm, as they were in a position of responsibility to do so.
• Prove that the party at fault could have taken reasonable and expected steps to lessen the risk and yet failed to do so.
• Demonstrate the loss which you have suffered as a result of the accident.

The above processes that are essential to any personal injury claim show the real complexity of personal injury law and the requirement for a personal injury solicitor. Personal injury solicitors have vast expertise in the area which will make the process much smoother and efficient.

When demonstrating the loss that has been incurred due to the personal injury it is important to keep evidence of all the costs. This means details of time off work as a result of the injury, invoices for travel to and from hospital, as well as any medication required, details of any personal mobility equipment that was required to carry out daily tasks. All these financial costs to the individual who suffered the injury can be claimed as compensation. The claim will be a much simpler process for the personal injury solicitor and have a higher chance of success for the claimant, if evidence of all costs incurred is present.
A personal injury solicitor can help you decide if a claim is worth continuing. Due to their experience, if an individual goes to them with the details of their case, they can assess it and advise the individual whether to go ahead with the claim or not. This is useful as it avoids the individual wasting their time, if the claim for personal injury is deemed more than likely to be unsuccessful. If the personal injury solicitor helps an individual avoid perusing an unwinnable claim, then they will have saved themselves stress, money, time and disappointment.

Personal injury solicitors most commonly work on a ‘No win no fee’ basis meaning if they cannot gain you any financial compensation through a claim then they will require no fee. This is dependent on the individual firm.

About the Author:
I am a legal writer who specialises in personal injury, if you would like more information about personal injuries and would like to find a solicitor, I suggest you have a look at
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