Panama City Lawyers Aid in Divorce Procedures

When you are about to file for a divorce it is wise to check with an attorney. You need to find a local Panama City attorney that will assist you in all your legal problems. It is not uncommon for people who are filing an uncontested divorce to do the filing themselves. It is not advisable because even though both parties are in agreement at the present time, it does not mean that later some issue may come up. That is why you should check different Panama City attorneys to find one that will help you file your divorce. In Panama City, an uncontested divorce can be completed within about twenty-five days.

In some cases, couples both agree that they want a divorce but cannot resolve all the issues involved in their case. This type of divorce is called a contested divorce. You need Panama City lawyers who can help you in a contested divorce to resolve the issues. In some cases you might want to start looking for attorneys who are experienced as mediators. A lawyer who is an experienced mediator may better help you to quickly resolve your situation. This in turn will help to finalize your divorce. Panama City, being in Florida, is a no-fault divorce state.

When you are seeking a divorce and your spouse does not want a divorce, then you are entitled to file for a no-fault divorce. That does not mean that issues will not arise out of the divorce. That is why it is very important that you seek the advice of divorce lawyers. You may want to divorce your spouse but remember, that does not mean that you get the property and children automatically. You probably will be granted the divorce, but you definitely need an attorney to help resolve all the issues necessary before the divorce.

In Panama City, child custody is resolved by establishing a parenting plan. This plan must include a time share for both parents, who are responsible for when it comes to the Childs support and physical care. In order to resolve a Panama City child custody case, the parents must be in an agreement with a parenting plan. That is why you need to find a lawyer that is willing to help you with your Childs custody, tempers and emotions can run too high to try and work this out on your own.

One of the other major issues that you will be faced with is that of alimony. It is very important that you look at attorneys who are winners when you are filing for alimony. There are basically three types of alimony offered which are:

Permanent Periodic Alimony- This type of alimony is paid by one spouse to the other spouse for life. The exceptions are if the spouse marries or dies then the alimony will stop.
Temporary Rehabilitative Alimony- This is paid by one spouse to the other spouse to help them enter the work field. This may be paid while the spouse is going to school or being retrained to help them return to the work field.
Bridge the Gap Alimony- This type of alimony is paid by one spouse to the other spouse as a means to help the spouse “to get back on their feet”. This type of alimony is very factually based and the length of time paid and amounts vary.

This is very important for the spouse who will have to depend on alimony in order to maintain themselves in the Panama City area, another good reason to find lawyers who will help you resolve your divorce issues.

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