Palin/Situation Safe Sex & Longoria/Parker Divorce – MSNBC w/ Cenk, Brian Unger

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) on MSNBC Live speaks with NPR’s Brian Unger about the Bristol Palin/Situation PSA on safe sex , the Eva Longoria/Tony Parker divorce and the zany senate candidate Alvin Greene.

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    25 Responses to Palin/Situation Safe Sex & Longoria/Parker Divorce – MSNBC w/ Cenk, Brian Unger

    1. mtsdegreat says:

      Demint caused the recession!

    2. therookie93 says:

      @dEdGrimley in economic terms, the agency hopes to boost profits by raising demand for their cause. This will ultimately fail (obviously) leaving Palin and the Situation the only ones who actually gain.

    3. calimar28 says:

      @dEdGrimley Your off. Bristol is a great lady with lots of talent, and she wants abstinence, and she is right about getting married first.

    4. dEdGrimley says:

      That’s right. She did wait until she was married to not only have unprotected sex but have a child, which she’s doing a stunning job taking care of during Dancing with the Stars. “You’re” right.
      She wants abstinence as long as it doesn’t get in the way of her having sex when she wants. She’s the living embodiment of why just saying “Don’t have sex” doesn’t work, because clearly it’s the message she was brought up with, and she didn’t follow through, as is often the case.

    5. stads24 says:

      Palin just had a baby out of wedlock…. how the hell is she an advocate for abstinence or safe sex?? What a twit. As for the “Situation” … stop capitalizing off that stupid “nickname”…
      At least the British lords, etc. are sophisticated.

    6. ssuuppeerrbbooyy says:

      Get knocked up.
      Promote abstinence before marriage.

    7. TheTeenageAgnostic says:

      EPIC FAIL Bush impression is EPIC FAIL.

    8. rylraven13 says:

      …at least the Situation knows he’s the butt of every joke…

    9. Joxman2k says:

      Is this guy the same guy who does WhatTheBuck Chanel, but without the glasses?

      …or is it Greg Frupes?



    10. KarateKidX says:

      It’s a funny video of the Situation trying to say the word “situation” as much as he can

    11. r24ever says:


      Bowinkle, Youtube Sensation

    12. r24ever says:


      Bowinkle, Youtube Sensation

    13. XSC3 says:

      is that Cenk’s brother?

    14. Seaworldexists says:

      Bristols put on about 30 pounds in the last few months.

    15. iLano79 says:

      The Palin family is the political version of the Kardashian family. Full of idiots and whoring themselves to the media to make money. It’s people like them that make me kinda embarrassed to be American. I hope Jesus or George Washington or Buddha or somebody comes back and starts knocking some sense into people.

    16. ThiaLam says:

      She’s a fucking idiot if she thinks she’s not going to part her legs again and have a guy unload inside her. She’s clearly a whore, she won’t stop. Once you have sex…why would you say no? Was he that bad?

    17. XPsychoBurgundyX says:

      I made it through that entire “The Situation and Bristol Palin talk Safe Sex” video just a couple minutes ago, and now I’m REALLY fucking infuriated… Now THOSE are two of the stupidest motherfuckers on the face of this planet. The Palin family and the Situation, and the fact that people actually LIKE either of them, help prove to me that there is no god.

      Excuse me, now… I’ve got to level my house with my bare hands in a fit of wanton, indignant, psychopathic, uncontrollable fury now.

    18. delta9999 says:

      wtf wasnt that the guy who plays the lawyer on Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia?


    19. mojopotato1 says:

      @delta9999 wow, he does look alot like him haha

    20. Jncwarrior says:

      How fuckin ironic does it get!

    21. composerdoh says:

      @ssuuppeerrbbooyy ka-CHIIIIIIING!

    22. composerdoh says:

      when I 1st saw SouthPark’s JerseySHore episode, I’d never seen the reality show, but I remember thinking the scene where Randy Marsh had “Sitch” tied in a chair and was beating him relentlessly (saying “noone*punch*can be*punch*this STUPID*punch*)
      I thought that was a little extreme.
      Then I saw this.
      In retrospect, I wonder, did that South Park scene or torturing “Sitch” go far enough?

    23. Fleursdelily says:

      OH when her son sees this… think of the emotional trauma. Poor kid.

    24. MrMatthewUnger says:

      LOL ” ANOTHER situation “

    25. RASOOL28 says:

      That ad was beyond absurd!

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