Outrageous Divorce Settlement

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    25 Responses to Outrageous Divorce Settlement

    1. vichiousfishes says:

      USA, all the way.

    2. Tarikan5 says:

      A perfect example when you accidentally marry an expensive “classy” whore instead of a genuine girl. This is why people need to be more careful with marriages instead of being blind in the heat of the moment. All in favor that the girl deserves nothing say I!

    3. LlortnA says:

      Can’t do it.

    4. sonazn says:

      Ana just dissed that whore. Epic.

    5. wafflsz says:

      Tarikan5, you have it exact. He’s 66, she’s 36. Did he think she married him for his looks? Unfortunately we don’t hear much from his first wife who he divorced after 32 years (and three children). They’re the ones who deserve $100M.

    6. getdunn314 says:

      nice tits… mad props

    7. Mojosbigstick says:

      You can’t haggle over the price after the fact!

    8. Aspire198 says:

      wow…..whatta bitch

    9. shortattentionspan1 says:

      The legal eagles will take a huge cut from all that dough, sooo maybe that’s why she wants so much????

    10. GamingJediPwns says:

      The judge should take that 43 million and give it to charity. Then say who’s the bitch now!!!

    11. seeaeytch says:

      or better than charity, purchase the tools needed for as many communities as possible to become fully self sustaining. so many charities just blow all that money on food purchased from the american economy and then dumped into another country to keep them dependent on us.

      just plain ole raw charity is a deceptively shallow tactic for long term elimination of poverty. even the horses, farm equipment, etc for an uncomfortable Amish lifestyle is enough to technically end poverty in that area.

    12. blackbull420 says:

      holy shit…. the culture of excess… i bet the ceo guy could shoot her… pay the lawyer fees, pay the bail and save SO much money

    13. blackbull420 says:


    14. trw14 says:

      Wow! She said “really bitch, cause you don’t look like it!” Harsh. But the lady was cute though.

    15. KurdRaw says:

      Why I didn’t marry an American women

      Tip for rich men: make sure u sign a prenup in favor of what YOU want.

    16. SlappieBob says:

      Nope:P She’s fake and ugly:P

    17. GoodAngel445 says:

      I hate thease bitches!! While other people are suffering,poor, and hunery and thease girls are spending like they have all the money in the world!

    18. DXSXDXSXD says:

      Wow what a succubus

    19. SirPwn4lot says:

      The bail only gets you on the street until the court hearing. Plus they opposition would go for remand/ a $150 million dollar bail or something haha.

    20. pokermon919 says:

      Her looks don’t warrant that type of spending AT ALL. Average looks better than her.

    21. ivliuscaesar1865 says:

      Bitches like her deserve to die!

    22. Bisquack says:

      Hang her

    23. trm301433 says:

      im never getting married my mind is made up this is the straw that broke the camels back.

    24. deataol says:

      lol no you didn’t…

    25. retard6987 says:

      wow….she’s obviously trying to compete to Heather Mills 🙂

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