Outkast Idlewild -Hollywood Divorce

New outkast song from Idlewild CD. Pictures of outkast, lil wayne, snoop dogg and outkast’s very own pitbull puppies. Get a pitbull puppy from outkast at pitfallkennels.com. For more music related news and criteria, visit My Music Store dot Net

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25 Responses to Outkast Idlewild -Hollywood Divorce

  1. BrainFeign says:

    @rennyren77 What I know is that “blings” been around New Orleans for a long ass time. When somethings put into a rap song it’s not the same as coming into existence.

  2. CBLyonRecords says:

    Amazing track!

    If you dig this, you might like a new compilation from CB Lyon Records called “The Collect Effect” out on iTunes that features up and coming artists like Live From LA and Elena Ovalle.

  3. rennyren77 says:


  4. toosillay says:

    Listen to Wayne… and then Andre… no contest boy. Lil Weezay is a mf’n joke!

  5. SOADownsnubs says:

    weezy rocked it.
    dre was sick as usual.
    big boi had the best verse i think.

  6. dv8thepothead says:

    they all went off but wayne cant touch these old skool cats (not hating,just stateing)cuz wayne did go hard

  7. cubensiseater says:

    Straight up Andre speaks the most lyrical truth, he tells it how it is, tries to tell you how to better your life. Andre is not the best rapper but he is the rapper who is telling what life is actually like. Stop being a gangbanger and start being productive in life.

  8. Mr334boi says:

    i love this beat!!

  9. Jackstar601 says:

    “promise me yo gone stack, promise me you gone ball”

  10. 12000gage says:

    he is the best dumbass.

  11. rosycross says:

    tru dat… …ain no bettr dumbass than 3000, cept 4 12000

  12. 12000gage says:

    u a fag. bet u love lil wayne, simple minded bandwagon ridin fag.

  13. rosycross says:

    mf tha waggin cum join tha banned. i dont even know who lil wayne is. john wayne’s son? i never even heard any hiphop before.

  14. 12000gage says:

    @rosycross if u never heard any hiphop before what the hell are u doin listening to a hip hop masterpiece and why are u replying to my comments u ignorant fag.

  15. rosycross says:

    @12000gage what? i cant “hear” you. 2 bizzy here-ing misterpeace hiphoppy hopp (bow wow wow yippy yo), and ignoring you while smoking a fag. piece out little wain.

  16. Renji1011 says:

    is there a version without wayne in it..?

  17. king77fishes says:

    @Renji1011 wayne raps 1st bro

  18. MegaCrumbsnatcher says:

    Wayne dropped some knowledge on here. Go back and listen to it! Wayne a monster yall need to stop hating!

  19. LOGIC3351 says:


  20. hiphopfan83 says:

    Lil Wayne killed this track!

  21. BBCFRKYD says:

    This SHIT so FIRE…Instant I been an OUTKAST fan since freaknik 94′ da may park concert what da fuck u know bout dat

  22. Kendricpowell says:

    Andre is the 2nd best ever. 2PAC

  23. Maka5velli says:

    Snoop Dogg killed it, dumbasses dont even get the metaphors he used in there

  24. zekdagreat1 says:

    Andre 3000 is the real king of the south…like it if u agree

  25. TheSuirad says:

    you dont hear a lot of this now a days. its rear.

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