Outkast – Hollywood Divorce (Feat. Lil Wayne & Snoop Dogg)

Outkast song in the movie Idlewild. All rights go to their respected owners Link to my rap groups channel: www.youtube.com

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    25 Responses to Outkast – Hollywood Divorce (Feat. Lil Wayne & Snoop Dogg)

    1. worldwide456SL says:

      i love this joint baby

    2. kalilkash973 says:

      Wayne’s best verse..period.

    3. HiYouCanCallMeMusic says:

      Remember when used to be able to watch this Hollywood Divoce videos with out having to see all the drake comments? -_- ugh!… Thanx Drake…. now I thought about YOU when I just wanted to hear Andre 3000…..

    4. worldwide456SL says:


    5. 1010181able says:

      i miss this wayne.

    6. ehoward9438 says:

      wayne the best in the game and in some areas declined and increased in some areas but he still dope…he forever dope..and 3k the greatest so is big boi. and snoop another legend

    7. TheCreepsAreAlright says:

      ALL porps go to Andre and Big Boi.
      Snoop Dogg (formerly SNOOP DOGGY DOGG): What can I say? You’re one of the greatest.
      Lil’ Wayne: I want you to fucking die.

    8. goku17vegeta says:

      Cool story sis; tell it at a party.

    9. mattalum says:


    10. MrNitty415jetset says:

      @TheCreepsAreAlright But Wayne snapped on dat 1

    11. TheCreepsAreAlright says:

      Good point.

    12. cookiemonster208 says:

      and it sucks

    13. kalilkash973 says:

      and you’re obviously crazy

    14. 3jermain says:

      Lil wayne best rapper alive .

    15. MrNitty415jetset says:

      @3jermain Yea in today’s radio rankings but no hatred on him just his shit now compared to round this shit doesn’t stand a chane hes commercial

    16. triplea20x says:

      This Lil Wayne would kill todays lil wayne

    17. ruuc23 says:


    18. jusseric says:

      i miss shit like this :/

    19. aBDKstan says:

      Why does everyone have to ride 3K’s dick? Yeah, he’s a legend but he fell off so bad. He had the worst verse on this song yet people won’t ever stop praising everything he goes.

    20. TheKahuna70 says:

      ayyy… everybody on this song went the fuck off

    21. FullEffectVisualTv says:

      I and my brother lost our parents at a young age

      All I did was play ball and all he did was music

      Well his latest song of his album is currently in a contest to get 1000 likes without getting 100 Dislikes

      He’s doing good so far. His video is on my channel and its deep

      Please watch the video & hit the like button for him

      Its called W.I.L.D

      If? you don’t wanna give him a chance at least THUMBS UP this comment so someone else can see it and hopefully help him out

      THANKS. RIP MOM & DAD :/

    22. JRock005 says:

      Back when lil wayne did what he was paid to do.

    23. JRock005 says:

      The year right before Soulja Boy blew up. Everything was rockin!!!

    24. sleezi101 says:

      Mr.andre 3stacks is d definition of true music..then soulja boi had to show up how sad!!!!!

    25. iloveester1990 says:

      Andre is sick with the wordplay, for someone to say he had the worse verse means you don’t have ears.
      Like he said, if you don;t like what he writes shoot him the bird lol
      Good collab though

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