Outkast Ft. Lil’ Wayne & Snoop Dogg – Hollywood Divorce

The unrealeased song from their latest album “Idlewild”

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    25 Responses to Outkast Ft. Lil’ Wayne & Snoop Dogg – Hollywood Divorce

    1. 7ROBG says:

      I have never said that 3k is the best, although I do have some of my niggas say he is. BUT he did this song just to show niggas that he can EAT Wayne if he wanted to. This wasn’t Wayne’s best verse. This is ONE of 3stacks best. But I have to say this nigga Dre is at the top 7 of all time.

    2. 7ROBG says:

      Weez is on 3stacks level man, come on home. This nigga Bog Boi aint fuckin w Wayne no way, no how, no-nothin.

      Listen to ignorant Shit with Drake. This nigga WAYNE SPITS like I NEVER heard this nigga spittin.

    3. trevez17 says:

      3 stacks aint even trying here. It’s not one of his best and he still kills it. Have you heard ATLiens and Aquemini albums by Outkast? or Throw Sum D’s, Walk It Out, Green Light, You Remix, Da Art of Storytellin Part 4??? Listen to OuKast’s first couple of albums and then say something. Andre 3000 is the best rapper alive along with Eminem.

      Wayne is all hyped up, he raps about money and hoes. His flow aint anythin on 3000, Pac, Nas, Rakim, KRS, Eminem, Jay-Z, Big…these are all time greats.

    4. razzle9438 says:

      yeah wayne is the best rapper right now but im not sayin he better then andre 3k atleast not musically but they both raw but wayne killin these other wack rappers him and drake own this game right now

    5. razzle9438 says:

      @7ROBG andre can`t eat wayne, he is definetly one of the best but so is 3stacks artistically andre would smash wayne but lyrically they both hot

    6. razzle9438 says:

      @7ROBG yeah musically andre 3000 is better but lyrically they both sickkkkk

    7. kkcjjwa67 says:

      @BruceLeeROY1991 umm this guy has alot of mixtapes and 9/10 he rappes like this all the time hes the best

    8. Antman410 says:

      love this song, Dope..

    9. kennythagoon says:

      Andre 3000 dam near one of the greatest rapper

    10. TheTMoney87 says:

      I wish they would have shot a video 4 this This song is so damn awesome

    11. BWKsoccer06 says:

      i always find it ironic when weezy talks about when no one helped new Orleans yet he has a $1,000,000 watch

    12. halfpintjj93 says:

      word play to its fullest

    13. powder1231 says:

      one word CLASSIC!!!!!!!

    14. leroybostick28 says:

      @BruceLeeROY1991 Lil waynes a fukkin BEAST, no matter what song he is on!!!

    15. austinssj4 says:

      @BWKsoccer06 yeah that birdman gave him. He has money and he gives alot of it to NO. I like how your a dick riding hater.

    16. austinssj4 says:

      everyone talking about 3k, i mean he would be one of the best but more then half of his raps are off flow. he has no flow every once in a while you hear he has flow. If he had flow he would be even better lyrical wise with flow. but lyrics aren’t anything if you dont have flow cuz your lyrics need to go with the flow to sound good otherwise its off tempo.

    17. TyTyMari says:


      Andre is never out of sync wyth the song, though.

      He flows and chops around the musik lyke a professional.
      He’s just different, so y’all not used to that.

    18. chunkyjarhead says:

      old but great

    19. BruceLeeROY1991 says:

      @leroybostick28 yeh wayne is a dope rapper no doubt but.. he’d be better off rappin like this most of the time.. most of the time he aint really sayin sh1t.. but just ramblin punchlines and splashin autotune over it.

    20. admpatt says:

      I agree with BruceLeeRoy1991 Wayne was actually spittin some real lyrics

    21. Grep312 says:

      lil wayne had 2 b in his prime cuz he went in

    22. MzDay1 says:

      this song make me feel so lost. into this song i be deep

    23. ElzMusic1 says:

      Hi my name is lucion im a new artist been going at it for about 2 years i need people to tell me if my music is good.thanx for your feed back!” less

    24. fsplayb0i8 says:

      @BruceLeeROY1991 he does just listen 🙂

    25. supaflysudowoodo says:

      @austinssj4 u cant be serious

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