ONISION & TANTAGA DIVORCED!?!? FOR REAL!?!?! No! Of course not! This is all a big SCAM to get more hits, because you’re an all-knowing freaking genius who see’s through everyone else’s lies. They couldn’t possibly be having LEGITIMATE problems, they are in the public eye after all, which means they aren’t human. YAY for being an expert on human psychology aka a social retard. The Onision site: onision.net Facebook facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com

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    25 Responses to ONISION GOT DIVORCED!!! (FOR REAL THIS TIME!?!?)

    1. soccergirl2900 says:

      i love the ad.. to save your marriage, turn to god.
      he wants to help you.

      lol thats what you forgot to do o.o

    2. YoHomoProductions says:

      Umm..are u ok man? u seem really off by this whole thing. Maybe a nap would be good for you.

    3. lemkelegion says:

      basterd ggays

    4. iishshalonda says:

      L IS DEAD NOW? D:

    5. ineedalover2 says:

      FIN LOVE U things happen for reasons we might not know why at the time but we will in time
      ps ur my idol

    6. ChibiWonders says:

      I just keep replaying “Okay, strong finish! FUCK!”

    7. taltoltal says:

      AWESOME ACTUR!!!!!
      Onision to the tv! 😀

    8. hollingsworth4195 says:

      that was great

    9. sipthesmothey says:

      @SayHelloPandaBear LOL

    10. MegaCaleb100 says:

      @taltoltal Acting…. No
      Sadly he isnt

    11. Vejigantepride13 says:

      LOl WTF !?

    12. Omni32123 says:

      I would do that doll any day.

    13. devilpipz says:

      umm onision r u ok????

    14. Nolaxrs says:

      He got married at 18. Yeah divorce is gonna happen.

    15. MRemojohny says:

      Lo fuking l this is the funniest video ever

    16. TaRdSxOnPaRaDe says:

      I’m going to miss Sunny and Rod :C

    17. chris666444 says:

      If i Cut a hole in you, put penutbutter in you and “f*cked you” would that be ok?

    18. EvanWadeTv says:

      i loved how u ripped off your shirt. ~it was sexy, shh… Dont tell anyone. Haha

    19. sdl1234100 says:

      I get that like he’s probably still friends with that sky chick and he’s like chill about the divorce…but i don’t appreciate how mean he’s being to his fans. i’ve barely seen any of his videos and i’m already turned off by his negative sarcasm and melodramatic rants. I cant believe i’m saying this, but he could learn from shane dawson how to respect fans

    20. TheProjectMJ says:

      Best finale! But the real one isn’t over…

    21. sims2girl5 says:

      “He went just like BAAAAAAM!!!!!!! and the deer was like BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!”

    22. Aesirww says:

      What the fuckkkkkk happened!!!!

    23. Azzurae says:

      @sdl1234100 LOL, you’re telling ONISION to respect his fans? Wow man. Go watch some more of his videos before you say something like that.

    24. sdl1234100 says:

      @Azzurae if all of his videos has descriptions calling his fans “social retards” i’d rather not, thank you.

    25. Azzurae says:

      @sdl1234100 Fans and haters are not the same thing. His satire is directed at the people who hate on his videos and on his life, NOT his fans. Watch his personal channel and you’ll see how much he appreciates and respects his fans.

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