Onision & Tantaga got divorced? What’s going on with ole Greg & Skye? Did they REALLY divorce or what? Haters United is on the job!!! Tantaga: youtube.com Subscribe: youtube.com Social Facebook: facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Channels Onision – youtube.com OnisionSpeaks – youtube.com OnisionEncore – youtube.com OnisionArchive – youtube.com Cool Stuff Onision Site – onision.net Onision Shirts – http Onision Music – onision.net

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    25 Responses to ONISION DIVORCE?!?

    1. delaneyfosho says:

      @yaymaria29 No they don’t.

    2. PurpleZebra56 says:

      @mcsuzzer I consider that cheating…i don’t know about anybody else..

    3. Werule4545 says:

      hahaha I <3 this

    4. TurkeyJones91 says:

      why’s this dude eating a muffin with the wrapper still on?

    5. NicoleBrackenRanee says:

      @PurpleZebra56 @Icc5aVLOG
      he did not cheat & he started dating Shiloh months after the divorce

    6. cutiepie0933 says:

      @TheChickie66 you’re insaneee!!

    7. britishgirl181 says:

      while liking this video, i got a big boner 😉

    8. BeastlyINC says:

      My mom’s name is… Martha.. D:

    9. mcsuzzer says:

      @PurpleZebra56 Yep me too.

    10. FezziQue says:

      I miss Skye :C

    11. sharkapillar says:


    12. joshyman12312 says:

      “I heard hes been sleep with another woman” her names SHILOH

    13. gioiaribelle says:

      and isn’t it ironic? don’t u think?
      (read this like the alanis’ song…)

    14. Randomman5634 says:

      ……and now, broken up with.

    15. iLUVdalton13 says:

      so wht happened between them????

    16. emmyvee12 says:

      shes prettier, funnier, crazier, and guess what? onision is MUCH more happy.
      so stop talking about his unfortunate past with her, & be happy that he’s HAPPIER now. and…that shiloh fucking rocks. way better than skye. sorry.

    17. Dannan1989 says:

      @emmyvee12 Are you fucking 12? Do you know how utterly disgusting your comment is?

      Shiloh and Skye are two different people. One is not better than the other. It is, also, none of our busines. Onision was happy with Skye once, and now he’s happy with Shiloh. This doesnt mean Skye is ‘worse’ than Shiloh, and Skye will make someone else extremely happy. This is how life works – people grow close, then grow apart. It doesnt mean anyone is better than anyone else.

      Go fuck yourself, quite frankly.

    18. Dihyyy says:


      Sorry bro, but onision was just as happy with skye as he was with shiloh. He admited that in the past. And if you were a REAL fan, you would protect BOTH SHILOH and SKYE and RESPECT onision, because he love/loved them both, you fucking asshole.

    19. Spyfff says:

      childish bullshit.. say I’m a “hater” but I just don’t give a fuck who you are or whatever the fuck you are doing.. grow up fags!!

    20. VerisonMember says:


    21. ClownMonstaa says:

      Oh SWEET irony!

    22. ClownMonstaa says:

      @iLUVdalton13 DIVORCE! 😛

    23. ClownMonstaa says:

      Shiloh is lik 1000x better Skye
      just sayingg

    24. Anonomys246 says:

      lol 119! XD

    25. MarshmallowCUPCAKee1 says:

      I miss this 🙁

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