On the Buses – Olive’s Divorce 1-3

Classic 1970s ITV comedy

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25 Responses to On the Buses – Olive’s Divorce 1-3

  1. UBIQUEROL says:


    classic comedy,
    never gets old

  2. Anthony5268 says:

    these r so funny

  3. Anthony5268 says:

    it’s funny whats wrong with u

  4. gamlastanarn says:

    it is silly.

  5. filthykiwisluts says:

    thank you so much for this treat!! im 33 years old and wish i could have been around in those days, bet they had a blast!!!! reg varney was genius

  6. UBIQUEROL says:


  7. KONAretro says:

    One the buses is one of those british classic’s that got the converted movie treatment in 1971.
    The other big film out that year was the bond movie ‘DIAMONDS ARE FOR EVER’
    On the buses out grossed it to become the number1 film that year.

  8. billythomas18 says:

    so funny

  9. Steve669909 says:

    I ate you Butler!

  10. jnrgw says:

    am 22 and i think on the buses is class

  11. iamabeetle says:

    get a sense of humour

  12. gamlastanarn says:

    British humour is usually better than this.

  13. markape1 says:

    Hey check out my video from down under : PRANKSTERS IN THE PARK

  14. DANWOODHOUSE1 says:

    had Michael robbins left the show by this episode?

  15. kirkwanglers32 says:

    “et That Bus Out I hate you Butler.”
    What you doing of

  16. lechiendormant says:

    yes – he left at the end of series 6 – this was the first episode of the seventh (and final ) series

  17. afertyus1000 says:

    i’m 16 and it’s great also i love some classical music and it’s 200 years old!!! [sarcasm]

  18. americastan says:

    Olive is hot 😀

  19. Bus460 says:

    my m8 who a bus driver calls me blakey becoz i always telling him that he early or late its quite funnyand then he started calling me inspecter blakey from on the buses and he said to watch and i love it im 22 but i still love it its awsome its just like a real bus company. I like it when blakey says ill get you Butler,so im called Blakey and my friend who the river i call him jack harper lol we now both watch the programmes when we meet we talk about it. on the buses rule

  20. hooplemott says:

    Kin Brilliant. To be no more I fear.

  21. TheAntaus says:




  23. GrahamLondonUK says:

    Final series of On The Buses. Michael Robbins had left the programme and the wonderful fractious Arthur & Olive relationship was no more. Olive was brought forward as a more active character and said more in the final series than the previous six combined! When Reg Varney left midway through this series, the programme could not survive.

  24. MsFanmail says:

    @jnrgw 1970s sitcoms are better than ones shown now

  25. toddj07 says:

    this and the likely lads are the best 60s/70s comedys of all time

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