Nephew Tommy- Divorce Papers

Nephew Tommy Prank Call

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    25 Responses to Nephew Tommy- Divorce Papers

    1. jobhunt11 says:

      Tommy sounds greasy when he says they can “work it out” . . . LOL

    2. jobhunt11 says:

      Mama was about to give it up!!! ROFLOL

    3. jobhunt11 says:

      Does this remind anybody else of Herman Cain ??? Quid pro quo? ROFLOL

    4. Magicworksprod says:


    5. deidrawhitfield23 says:

      @jobhunt11 LMAO! You’re so wrong.

    6. demodee24 says:

      Wow he tryna get with her…this is funnnyyy

    7. pimpmaster4191 says:

      she sound like she from new orleans

    8. 1981TEDDYB says:

      I’m dumb i don’t know nothing about life lol yeah right!!

    9. Qntree86 says:

      I don’t know what u mean. I’m dumb I don’t know nothing about life tell me what u mean…. lmao

    10. kelisler2 says:

      AS AN A****!!!!!

    11. springdom says:

      im dumb

    12. 9meter says:

      Dsfinitely she would of give up that ass just to get out of that $18000

    13. jrawblue24 says:

      “i think u know a whole lot about life!” LMFAO

    14. SSMBSJ10 says:

      @pimpmaster4191 What she sound like is that she’s about to give up that ass.

    15. SSMBSJ10 says:

      Janice…your sister were beginning to melt and was about willing to give up that cunt.

    16. MarcMillen21 says:

      As an attorney ma’am!

    17. lhiggs22 says:

      Tommyis wrong for this one. She sound so sad..

    18. Leora252 says:

      she sounds just like a woman that prankster roy jones, jr. pranked about “heterosexual” joke.

    19. misskindy says:

      I hate to get abrupt with you but YOU ARE going to pay him 18,000!

    20. misskindy says:

      if you meet me wednesday ill make all this go away! lmao!! she was gon do it to!!

    21. rosss1959 says:

      Well what is your butt doin now? (woman) “nuthin”. (Tommy) “see, you’re not workin. Thats our problem from the start”. lolol

    22. blackandmild77 says:

      Dis is a good prank to play if he was trying to really get the pussy.

    23. Cariitae says:

      She hung up on Nephew Tommy!!! He called her back!!!

    24. Cariitae says:

      I’m Dumb I don’t know nuthin about Life!!!

    25. Cariitae says:

      Her whole family pranked her

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