National Geographic Live! – Divorced at Age 10

Writer Cynthia Gorney recounts the story of Nujood Ali, a young girl from Yemen who stood up to the tribal tradition of forced marriage.

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    25 Responses to National Geographic Live! – Divorced at Age 10

    1. Ilovetheplatypus says:

      @souther So fucking sick of hearing about tradition and culture. If your culture is fucking stupid then it’s stupid no matter how long it has been done. There are a few fundamental human rights that should never be infringed, and being forced to fuck someone you don’t want to is one of those rights. After all, what has the world really lost if traditions and superstition is lost? Would be a lot better world for one thing.

    2. asdzxc447 says:

      Gud move be a humanist yemenese stop child mariage

    3. WingedSoulies says:

      @Souther fucking pathetic..
      Wtf is tradition
      What is duty
      Whos life is it
      What do you mean as a girl?
      Imma 19 yr old MALE who finds this distasteful.
      Keep ur pathetic ego to yourself

    4. XDLeadingLady says:

      She looks so pretty. Marrying her off to some brutal guys at thr is simply a waste.

    5. phuynh3 says:

      Ill marry her

    6. jmdnarri says:

      @souther What if your “traditional duty” was to be miserable for the rest of your life? To hate your work, be forced to marry someone you don’t like, and give up the dreams you have for yourself? “Tradition” is nothing more than an excuse to force misery onto people for no good reason.

    7. kabyliie2010 says:


    8. yourmomwasherelol says:

      sexist yemen cunts

    9. 14Schofield says:

      @yourmomwasherelol That sounds kind of racist.

    10. yourmomwasherelol says:

      @14Schofield sorry, no racism intended

    11. trexpretorian1 says:

      Ppouiopppouureqwd DJ AlphonSe

    12. ccaptorchen says:

      the Aztects make live human sacrifice… its tradition.. its their culture…

      so fucking what? culture and tradition means nothing if it infringes human rights

    13. SunnyMoon2010 says:

      I must admire this little girl’s courage. She may be stoned or burned to death because she challenge the manhood of Islamic man.

    14. 70SuperTorpedo says:

      Lei bárbara… total ignorância…

    15. ILGAR93 says:

      they ‘used to’ make human sacrifice.
      their prime specimen were killed by conquistadores and the rest were subjugated if u would remember.

    16. ccaptorchen says:

      oh? so human sacrifice is okay? whats your point?

    17. ILGAR93 says:

      did i say that? Just use current examples next time if u will the aztecs may have been bloodthirsty barbarians that basically leeched off the mayan culture but their end were not so peaceful either. so u might get flak for that.

    18. ccaptorchen says:

      point taken, however my example was still valid for the point I was trying to make.
      however Aztecs WAS a pretty bloodthirsty civilization, the reason the handful of conquistadores were able to rally all the nearby tribes against Aztecs was because they all hated the Aztecs. but that is beside the point… my point is traditions and culture doesn’t automatically require respect

    19. vedette46 says:

      according to Islam, it is forbidden to marry a girl under age of 18 or (puberty). it is crime in Islam also. and if a girl doesnt accepts she cant be forced to marry in Islam. Hats off to her courage. May Allah bless her and give her happiness.

    20. hamedishere says:

      @vedette46 man just say puberty…18 is not mentioned anywhere..and goes same for the boy..

    21. andataris1 says:

      I really hope her head stays attached to her body for standing up for her basic right as a human to have free will. Doubt it though..

    22. XTINAsianlatinA says:

      This is amazing.

    23. thetarget says:

      @ccaptorchen what is ‘human rights’? who authorises the ‘human rights’? what gives the person the right to actually dictates what is the ‘rights’ of humans? The way I see it, culture > all human rights because there is no real culture that is actually created for a bad cause…

    24. ccaptorchen says:

      @thetarget so you have no problem with ripping out a human’s beating heart for the sun god because it is part of a culture? how about stoning women to death for being raped? burning mentally unstable people for being witches? what gives a person the right to dictate human rights? how about … BEING A HUMAN? no real culture is created for a bad cause? right… how else is the sun going to raise if we don’t sacrifice to the sun god? that’s a “good cause” for you?

    25. alfredito014 says:

      ok,ahora en español 😛

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