MW3: My Parents’ Divorce and Video Games

FACEBOOK APPLICATION: Facebook Page: ZybakTV Store: My parents divorce and how it affected me and my life in gaming + some ownage on the map Underground with the ACR in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Tags: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 CoD MW3 First Impression Impressions Tips and Tricks AK-47 Seatown Pickle9000 Pickle 9000 #Pickle 9000 Specialist Assault Support Strike Package Killstreak Call of Duty Elite Class Setup Rank Up XP “Osprey Gunner” MW3 SeaNanners xJawz “Infinity Ward” whiteboy7thst FPSRussia Tejbz nextgentactics optic Xcalizorz Deathmatch Hutch Sark Treyarch Activision CoD hack glitch machinima respawn gameplay commentary TmarTn wingsofredemption Episode MLG Pro Strategy Spawn Trap Woodysgamertag

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    25 Responses to MW3: My Parents’ Divorce and Video Games

    1. anko0obrando0o says:

      my parents are also going to divorce 🙁 but i think its better if they do

    2. DairuinWoW says:

      @blindhybrid k

    3. avery350 says:

      you can zoom in with the reaper zybak…great commentary though 😀

    4. lamboowie says:

      more of ur opinion!

    5. tinest01 says:


    6. MachinezTV says:

      Parents are so dumb they dont understand >.<

    7. jasonhall10 says:

      Don’t get into issue vids like this all the time, but this one was interesting.

    8. PolishHammer21 says:

      completely agree. Same exact life dude. I can’t believe how similar all this is

    9. PolishHammer21 says:

      besides pro gaming. but I’m pretty damn good

    10. DjSperlich says:

      Bet they’re pissed your doing better than them by playing video games.

    11. crippee97 says:

      great talking there =D

    12. MrExillion says:

      This just a proof, that now when TB dont broadcast wow anymore… well just a matter of time before youll be “TB”… however your zybak! And dude, well my parrents are like you want gaming…. okay play as mutch as you want to but then you have to use the citybike to move to school! Fine, np wealth is needed too, and well… maybe your parrents is like mine now… thinks our son will get fking rich… they god a higher call from mr.future! you know vgames is the future gold right! Go on with it!

    13. MegaLichking says:

      I can say that when my parents divorced it was pretty good all the fights stoped I agree whit you almost always

    14. Shay2092 says:

      @ZybakTV … Respect! I have gone through the same difficulties as you except for the fact that I love sport and it is a passion of mine as well as xbox. You seem really genuine. Sub, like PEACE 😀

    15. billy0936 says:

      I understand You Zybak….. AND U R AWESOME!

    16. CrAzyNoScOpEz52 says:

      I feel my parents are the same way

    17. LeodanDK says:

      Zybak would make a great father ;D :’)

    18. aHockeyGod12 says:

      This is my first time watching a video from you, and I loved it! You were kind of like how I am now! I get great grades, little bit of a trouble maker, but good. You earned a new subscriber!

    19. fitzgeraldfitzy says:

      sorry if this is rude but plz respond.
      how much do u get paid average for.being a competetive gamer and partnership with mAchinima and stuff.
      plzzzz respond

    20. middlesbrough91 says:

      Great video!!

    21. Ballistikwog says:

      your fat

    22. Wakkawakka388372 says:

      @fitzgeraldfitzy He’s not allowed to say that.

    23. wiidude250 says:

      dear god…. that is exactly what my parents are like arguing limiting game time grounding me for shit reasons……

    24. Kerns0Phoegon says:

      They hated video games because they were part of the cause that took their DREAM away of their child being a sport star, and parents being in a rough relationship doesn’t help anything.

    25. zzzthomaszzz1 says:

      Same mate tbh Right i can play every game other than wow and i play mw3 all day anyways i had limited time for 3 years on wow and now im in 4th year in high school she said i had to quit for my exams and i havent played for 3 months and i got no homework or bullshit anyways so its actuall crap i told them to let me live my life and call me addicted just cause it’s something i love…

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