Muslim Divorce – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (1/2)

Part (2/2): Muslim Divorce: “Problem our Muslim society need to learn how to talk about” – by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat In under 20 minutes hear Sheikh Deedat deal with the issue of divorce when asked by a non-Muslim. This is a secret recording of the late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat which was recently discovered. It provides valuable insight into topic and issue which we are faced with on a daily basis. Ideal for anyone wanting to know more about the topic as well as Dawah workers so that they can learn how to deal with the issue when faced with it. Sheikh Ahmed Deedat: In 1986, the King Faisal Foundation awarded the King Faisal International Prize for SERVICE TO ISLAM, to a South African who is more or better known than many dignitaries in their own countries. This was the first time that this prestigious award has been awarded to a South African. The recipient of this award was a man totally dedicated to his faith and its propagation and who was not afraid to challenge any one to a debate to settle once and for all the matter, who has the good news right? He was none other than Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, reverently known and called UNCLE by those who hold him in high esteem and admiration. The award came after a lifetime of struggle to propagate Islam and to defend Islam against the onslaught of the missionaries. Finally, he was given recognition by the international Muslim community that he deserved and focused more sharply the attention of the Muslim world on the most

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