Mr. Family Values Karl Rove Gets Another Divorce

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    25 Responses to Mr. Family Values Karl Rove Gets Another Divorce

    1. gyneve says:

      @megagagnon1: No, liberals and gays don’t get “sharp-sticked” because they don’t have the brass balls to claim a moral monopoly like the conservatives do, like you just did when you said that “they don’t have values”. Liberals and gays do have values, but they don’t decide what they are by a political block. The big point that your missing about human nature: When people claim the moral highground without having done anything to earn it, other people get angry and call them on their bull$hit.

    2. megagagnon1 says:

      gyneve so karl rove trying to make marriage work, and sticking it out for a long time, and finally failing, makes the average lib angry enough to pull out, leave the gay orgy, and call rove on his bull$hit?

    3. gyneve says:

      @megagagnon1: The man claimed the moral ground by taking the position of being pro family values, but his actions speak otherwise. If your going to claim the moral ground, then you’d best live by it. Otherwise admit that you’re a flawed mortal like everyone else. It’s pretty simple really. Furthermore, the “libs” don’t have a monopoly on homosexuality. If you really think that, I suggest you look up the “Log Cabin Republicans” for a reality check. Maybe drop the strawman argument next time?

    4. megagagnon1 says:

      gyneve lemme get your argument straight – if i say i’m pro family values, i must be absolutely perfect, flawless, and if i’m not, i will be blasted for not living up to that perfection by people who wife swap and reuse lubricants during their orgies? by people who push for more sexual education in grade school, and see fit to bring first grade children to a gay wedding, without parental permission? which is ok, but it’s immoral to claim family values.

    5. gyneve says:

      @megagagnon1 No, my argument is that if you’re going to claim a moral monopoly, you should at least have equal moral integrity to those “others” that by exclusion, you’re implying have none at all. As for your graphic and insulting vision of what makes a lib, I have never taken part in any of the activities you’ve described because, get this, I think they are immoral, but I put hypocrisy even lower. The way your every word seeths with bile betrays your passion, but the starting premiss is false.

    6. megagagnon1 says:

      gyneve no – false – by deriding someone – by mocking them morally in any way – you claim the moral high ground – by mocking rove based on his divorce,, you claim to be better – and quite frankly, karl rove is comparatively on higher moral ground than almost any lib – give me an example

    7. stee1face says:

      Sounds like Karl is gay.

    8. Ethosforlife1954 says:

      are you Karl-a Rove defending yourself incognito? many repubs do that, right?

    9. megagagnon1 says:

      gyneve you keep saying “if you’re going to claim a moral monopoly” – so if a person says they believe in family values, and try to live morally, and fail as we all do, you’re saying that you would label any such failure hypocrisy which is, as you’ve said, even lower than any immorality i’ve described? that’s rediculous. the only way not to be a hypocrite according to you is to be perfect, or to be perfectly quiet.

    10. gyneve says:

      @megagagnon1 You know what, I’ve obviously wasted far too much time trying to reason with you considering how your bs hasn’t even maintained internal consistency with your partyline dogma. I suggest that if you possess at least an average level of intelligence, you should study up on concepts of critical thinking, logic, and the rules debate. Until you do so, you will never know what the hell just happenned here.

      Good day.

    11. weirdoweirdo says:


      Maybe social Conservatives are right keep hitting on absence of guilt and sin as the main problem of Liberals and Liberals miss the mark when they charge hypocrisy on leaders like Sanford, Gingrich, Rove, and etc. But what is so guilty about gay relationship?

    12. weirdoweirdo says:

      Maybe he got hit by gay ray. He might blame gay marriage for ruining his marriage or he might blame Cheney’s daughter.

      OK I was being mean – I will leave Mr. Rove alone – sorry Mr. Rove, better luck in your next marriage. Too bad he didn’t leave homosexuals alone.

    13. 1234hellowanker says:

      The way Cenk said “shush” made me lol

    14. Jazzycat47 says:

      Maybe his wife found out the story about kissing the frog and turning him into a prince was just a myth.

    15. Neuromancer1970 says:

      Ever notice how social conserva-tards often cannot live up to the standards they try to impose on everyone else. Ex: Karl Rove’s 2nd divorce, Sarah Palin’s abstinence-only education and her knocked-up teenage daughter, recent news of the GOP “family values” guy who was a closet homosexual caught at a gay night club, etc.

    16. OrganNLou says:


    17. badattitude77769 says:

      @Neuromancer1970 It seems that most nazi good old boys, kissass, all the jokes about the boss, kneepads, lip gloss is the truth, these fucks could not stand up for the children, what is right, all of them are members of the good old boys club, mason, most do not do the work, it is about the gang, fermundo cheese for desert, fermundo cheese, fermundo my ballss, these guys sometimes really do suck dick.

    18. ocerg1111 says:

      Rove has no respect for the “sanctity of marriage”

    19. Eron2828 says:

      Can you elaborate?

    20. s99bf0c8 says:

      Cen to Rove: “And that consequence should be, that you shut the fuck up about family values from now on”

      Right on Cenk. You are a good soul and a REAL American. God Bless You man.

    21. SkinnyWmn69 says:

      1:03 you tell ém Cenk.

    22. Hail2theRepubs says:

      America does not need people haters and political bigots like you. America is a place of diversity and individuality that welcomes all kinds of differing people and their differing ideas – including Conservatives and Republicans. Take your stereotyped hatred against millions & millions of Americans and leave this nation now you stupendous OAF

    23. HateRepublicans says:

      @Hail2theRepubs I wish I left it 6 years ago before the Republicans destroyed this place, now it is to late

    24. Hail2theRepubs says:

      The loony left (Progressive Liberals) have single-handedly destroyed the patriotic fabric of this nation. There is more internal hatred than ever before, and the majority of the hate comes from bigoted Democrats who refuse to accept political and ideological diversity. The Democratic Party has become nothing short of a snake pit of double-standards & ignorant hypocrites.

    25. BushTheHero says:

      What kind of a pea-brained political moron are you? I bet you’re really proud of yourself for scoring in the upper 50% of your sparsely attended adult GED class.


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