More whose line awards show – Bitter divorce

BRING BACK WHOSE LINE: I really miss wliia like a lot of people and so please take a minute to sign the petition set up by trouble47 at it will be worth it if it works! Greg and Wayne present the award for the best bitter divorce. Love it – especially Greg and Wayne’s cue card reading and Ryan and Colin just being generally wonderful and gender confusing with someone from the audience. Enjoy! clips copyright to Whose Line is it anyway ABC Warner Bros taken from 7×3

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25 Responses to More whose line awards show – Bitter divorce

  1. HalfLife729 says:

    i love ryan voice right after he said “maybee if you had some hair”

  2. hele979 says:

    Colin soooooooooooo kicks Ryan after the hair joke, you can see him kinda twitch as he kicks and Ryan is trying so hard not to laugh!

  3. nubu24 says:

    NOT THE CAMARO!! NOOOOO!!!! *cry why would you do that?

  4. AleaTsukurite says:

    @mah81164 It’s still on ABC.

  5. Xunnnybunny says:

    I love how Ryan just grabs a random person from the audience

  6. RyanMauger says:

    3:40, Ryan knows Colin is plotting revenge.

  7. TheMasterSword16 says:

    one of the best sketches i’ve seen. this is why Colin and Ryan are awesome together.

  8. blksaenz919 says:

    “i dont know to say, i think that everything that needs to be said has been said several times over a phone in an angry voice” lol its the best line that ryan has ever said

  9. Whitechaos92 says:

    at 1:36 didnt that guy have his own show for something..or really looks like a guy that did..cant remember his name though..

  10. BeXzTeR says:

    I brought my lawyer with me.
    Thank God, ’cause we are sleeping togther now.
    Your sleeping with my husband?
    I’m Sorry?
    How does that work out? Return Please!
    LOL! Epic!

  11. ladyluckLove32 says:

    @BeXzTeR That cracks me up. funny stuff,lol.

  12. weathermaster says:

    -signs the petition-

  13. takervslashley says:

    Ryan: “Maybe if u had some HAIR.” Awesome comeback & loved the way Ryan said hair.

  14. metalmoniker says:

    “you BITCH” hahaha Colin wins again

  15. KhranftheBarbarian says:

    ryan has the most expressive eyebrows!

  16. mrsralbinopumpkinhea says:

    wane is really good, pretending he’s reading off a prompter. i miss this show.

  17. salem530 says:

    i wish colin and ryan came back there so good together

  18. sinneruki says:

    i liked this video and it got me puzzle why would ppl NOT like this

  19. squeezeslemons says:

    Whose line is on every weeknight from 12-1am but i wish they would make new ones

  20. KaristaSwiss says:

    3:40 “Maybe if you had some HAIR..” notice hes trying NOT to laugh 😮

  21. 557sellona says:

    Hey! Did you guys know that Drew made another show simular to Whose Line Is It Anyway’s? It’s called the Green Screen and it has Brad, Chip, Ryan and Collin on was made after Whose Line..

  22. sephizinho says:

    @557sellona rly? do you have the episodes?

  23. ciccarello says:

    your sleeping with my husband
    iiii… sorry

  24. kiyaamisake says:

    What does Ryan say at 3:04?

  25. ForgetThisTown says:

    @kiyaamisake I think he asks Colin if he wants to be the wife 😛

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