Mom and Dad’s Divorce

the whitest kids u’ know season 1 episode 9

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    25 Responses to Mom and Dad’s Divorce

    1. vladimirsuckmeoff says:

      Looks like Liv Tyler

    2. XBCX96 says:

      “WELLLLLLL my mom hates my dad and my dad hates my mom, my mom hates my dad hates my mom, I really hope they get back together somedayyyyyy…”

      “WELLLLLLL I got no face and I’m here to say come down and buy a used car today, 4 great deals that are really gonna make you smiiiiillllllle…..”

      is anyone else seeing the similarities?

    3. noneurbuisness777 says:

      @XBCX96 i thought the same thing

    4. spongebobbette23 says:

      *boom* LABOR DAY!

    5. inedibleedible says:

      I don’t get it. He’s a kid but classmates are in law school and studies nuptual contracts and estate settlements.

    6. mrjackobs32 says:

      weeeeeell my mom hates my dad and my dad hates my mom and my mom hates my dad and my dad hates my mom but i hope they get together some daaaaaay, but i dont think they will because my mom shot my dads coooooooooooooock son of a bitch stephen

    7. ponyisasquare says:

      @inedibleedible don’t overthink it. A childlike humor should get you through this just fine.

    8. inedibleedible says:

      @ponyisasquare I don’t think that makes sense. It’s logic, I mean, it’s hilarious, by far, but…I don’t know wtf ever 🙂

    9. lunazulaivarsson says:


    10. yesiamawizardjonny says:

      Yeah Trevor Moore is probably one of the funniest actors ever…

    11. yesiamawizardjonny says:

      The song he sings is the same tune as the one from the Grim Dealer Commerical out of “WKUK- Face Off.”

    12. RebelstarX says:

      Those are the desks we used to have in middle school haha. xD

    13. ffcloud34 says:

      I want to see a movie with Andy Samberg and Trevor Moore… It would be… Magical :3

    14. joeyak34 says:

      how come darren and sam get there real names but Trevor is Steven?

    15. TheMrHondasports says:

      son of a bitch stephen XD!

    16. shox5555 says:

      hahahahahaha i love how he says he’s in law school when he’s sitting in an elementary classroom

    17. shadowtrainer92 says:


    18. JoeyPotatoJizz says:

      with conflicting schedules, financial burdens, crystal meth… xD

    19. gayco1 says:

      crystal meth XD

    20. MrKillspawn says:

      Trevor Moore is in another comedy show called Breaking in! I’m saying this to the people who don’t know it.It shows on the Fox broadcasting company or Fox channel at 9:30am

    21. jalobeaulieu1 says:

      hey. he didn’t teach a whale to jump out of his tail.

    22. MrOpalPwns says:

      @ComedyGuy362 no one 🙂

    23. reesee02 says:

      lol he should be a lawyer for one of stevens parents

    24. ComedyGuy362 says:


    25. WHOAsarcasm says:

      Breaking In is canceled, the show will finish off the season and yep thats it.

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