Marriage and Divorce

Elder Dallin H. Oaks testifies that the Atonement of Jesus Christ can heal the pain of a troubled or broken marriage for all who humbly seek His help. Read the entire address:

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25 Responses to Marriage and Divorce

  1. sherrud says:

    search for the article in the ensign called falling out of love….

  2. superazuremoon says:

    I love his words.

  3. m123tzz says:

    I feel for you, we could only do so much. I’m sure what you are going thru God understands.

  4. MadameDeces says:

    “… The Remedy is not Divorce but Repentance” … as it is in many of the things we do wrong; Thank you for this beautiful Message of Hope!

  5. wisharts6 says:

    perfect !!!!!

  6. OffMyTail says:

    Great points.

  7. JO3B3L7 says:

    I am grateful for the leaders of this church and their words of inspiration and encouragement.

  8. jastoudt3 says:

    I believe that no person can judge if LDS and non-LDS people are unequally yoked in marriage, or that that marriage is against God’s word. I think being unequally yoked is much more about how much each person in the marriage puts into the relationship. Interfaith marriages may face more difficulties than others and may require more effort at communication. Should they divorce? I don’t believe so, unless there is abuse, lack of fidelity, or abandonment as discussed in this video. Just my opinion.

  9. kbitznelson says:

    I appreciate so much having this topic so directly and yet lovingly addressed. I know, first hand, about selfishness and how it masks itself as “taking care of number one” as I was the culprit.

  10. indankse says:

    perfect message..

  11. TyrellTravis says:

    I noticed that too…funny

  12. brian8793 says:

    My nephews name is Dallin:)


  13. Felipecabesas says:

    I don’t get it why have marriage. Its not good for man because laws favor woman. besides marriage has gone corrupt and is no longer a sacred thing but a legal thing that can take our success away. If you guys get married get prenups left and right to protect yourself when the temptation comes. But why start in the first place?

  14. ajani1000 says:

    We had a man to come to our church and prophecy to a young man who to marry. He has been married to this lady for 16 yrs, but, from what he’s told me, he doesn’t love her. Should he stay with this lady or move on. She knows by his actions that his love for her isn’t truly there. The reason they stay together is because of their children and because they are Christians….Should they stay together and be miserable or divorce for “PEACE” sake?

  15. 600girard says:

    In a marriage, is texting/flirting about meeting at a club the same as cheating/having sex with another?

  16. Armine09 says:

    c’est dommage les divorces..!
    ,mais je pense que l’harmonie entre l’homme et la femme était déjà brisé des Adam & Eve, quand Ève a mangé le fruit du bien & mal, des cette moment l’harmonie entre la femme et l’homme était déjà brisé…

  17. NavajoJoe66 says:

    Why doesn’t he talk about hasty marriages? A lot of divorces are because of people marrying too hastily and not knowing each other very well. It is better to divorce than to live a life in misery. You only get one life.

  18. csifreak191 says:

    I solemnly agree with this message. 🙂 haha

  19. SneakyLoveTricks says:

    A beautiful message of hope and understanding. While I am not a Mormon, I can testify that looking to divorce as the “First Solution” to ending personal unhappiness will NOT result in satisfaction.

    Instead of looking for answers in court, maybe we should try building bridges at home?

    “Effective Mate-Attracting Techniques — See My Profile”

  20. devol264 says:

    @rockmanlinux im so sorry about that, i mean i am only 16 and i have never been cheated on and my parents have remained loyal and they both have never divorced, but when ever i hear a story like yours of someone who went through a long marriage and then was cheated on and it led to divorce i always get so angry. if you wouldent mind could you share the whole story with me?

  21. LoveChristrecords says:


  22. fluffythecat2 says:

    Good luck to you. Been there. My divorce was final February. I’m doing better. Not anxious to date but am the Singles Adult rep so I will be going to the Singles activities now. I study the scriptures a few times a day and THAT makes all the difference.

    All the best to you. I am taking this time to recover from the trauma of my past marriage, get to know myself, serve in the temple, etc. Some day I will be ready to be in a good relationship. But not yet.

  23. persianlady55 says:

    I have been divorced 21 yrs .at times it still hurts. where are the good lds men ages 55+ who like full figured sisters who have a lot to offer

  24. iltns22 says:

    @prismacolor28 whew u can say that again

  25. kseismoloj says:

    @Felipecabesas, I have been happily married for almost 5 years. Married life is wonderful! It is nice to come home to the arms of those you love, and who love you. Marriage provides a way for those involved to find ways to serve one another; to support one another in trials and troubles. Marriage provides security. If I were asked, “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” I would go home. Don’t get a prenup Have faith that you will have a successful marriage, and then work.

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