Marie Osmond on Her Divorce

NBC’s iVillage Live, the talk show for women, gets the first words from Marie Osmond after she announced her divorce.

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25 Responses to Marie Osmond on Her Divorce

  1. HelenDiazOfficial says:

    f f f f forty years

  2. kakoi8017176414 says:

    I had the oportunity to know Marie a little better. I went to her house once up here in UT , we had dinner together, she is so nice. Everything about her is beautiful, her smaile, her thougths her actions….The funniest thing about that is at that time i didn’t know who Marie Osmond was, I’m from Brazil and I had just recently come to the States at that time, then after a while I was finding out who she was. Marie, now I know why the USA loves you….Take care!!!!

  3. TabithaClaire says:

    Mormons are not immune from problems, but they find help and comfort from the Savior and His Church. Marie is a good person and I like her and admire her.

  4. billyboylb says:

    What a cunt. So Mormons can target and oppress gay Americans with mariage, but this dumb bitch can get a divorce??? In the Gospel of Mark, divorce is a S-I-N! Mormoms are hypocrits.

  5. dess457 says:

    love her. 🙂

  6. katkrazy3308 says:

    So what Marie is Mormon. Marie is still human. Marie has problems just like any one else. I admire Marie for being such a strong person. Marie has not had the easy carefree life that people think she has. Marie is a beautiful, classy, kind hearted lady. Plus a wonderful sense of humor. I love Marie Osmond.

  7. benadmin says:

    Marie needs to record the Loft again!!!

  8. cherry32959 says:

    being mormon doesn’t make you perfect. i know she was devastated, esp. after her first divorce– the guy cheated on her, said he would never do it again,then did it again. who would stick around for that abuse? he also admitted he married her for her name–he was even willling to adopt her last name. what a jerk.

  9. billius says:

    ‘One of the most famous brother and sister singing duos’ . . . erm, how many more can you name!!!

  10. dodgeboykev says:

    Marie is sexy and Gorgeous, funny.. she would be awsome to have as a wife..

  11. sactiger says:

    I want Marie to be my wife…

  12. freepussy says:

    I was fortunate enough to meet Marie Osmond after her show with Donny just two days ago in the Las Vegas Flamingo showroom . She is utterly classy, charming, sweet, and warm. She is also a stunningly beautiful lady.

  13. oldiegoldiefan says:

    she still looks beautiful after 8 children, lovely it must be tough to have to go through a divorce.I admire her for that just the fact that she has 8 kids .

  14. Forestamtul says:

    I heard some of them were adopted? but I love the dolls. I love dolls as well.

  15. Forestamtul says:

    What a falava. But I liked the idea of the doll business. I love dolls too. she said she never grew well I feel the same too. I like to be in a younger and child world. also like Michael J who had a fairground and invited kids to play there.
    The Osmonds are also probably sad about Michael too arent they?????

  16. getoveritwillya says:

    Marie Osmond did NOT give birth to 8 children. She gave birth to 3, the rest she adopted.

  17. CMNRULES says:

    I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!

  18. pjtnletsgovols9 says:

    She gets on my nerves, and no one knows how she acts at home he he just kidden

  19. MrsSuperman93 says:

    honestly not many but they are the best and them being brother and sister is what makes them unique :]

  20. Livingthedream17 says:

    someones jealous….

  21. crisp2882 says:

    and mine too.

  22. skeleman1963 says:

    @oldiegoldiefan – she only bore 3; 5 were adopted……

  23. oldiegoldiefan says:

    thanks for the info.

  24. simplicitykitty says:

    she looks like a pig here..she must have had a major makeover..

  25. shimmygirl2010 says:

    there were many not just donny and marie, christie mc nicoles and her brother sang the william twins, jim and jon hagger twins,they were great as well.

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