Mail Order Divorce

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    25 Responses to Mail Order Divorce

    1. derianbobby says:

      @fuzzb0y Nope. That’s just cannibalism.

    2. xXslurppyXx says:

      @derianbobby its inception

    3. MedicinalGamer says:

      @Exodus1996 244 people disagree

    4. SpecificL9 says:

      @xXslurppyXx Your smart…

    5. somerandompersona says:

      @derianbobby for some reason I wanted this to be top comment…

    6. TheGreatestLink says:

      Seems legit

    7. MSianosChannel says:

      Don’t fall into a limbo guys.

    8. akaXoogle says:

      i think black ops shouldnt be allowed on this channel its not surprising to see this tryarch nonsense.

    9. MultiTaketwo says:

      0:11 mighty Joe Young’s thoughts..

    10. ZomsEcho says:

      @korita33 an*

    11. TheInterventionerr says:

      a comment about a comment that refers to a comment about a crate within a crate… gay

    12. Kyogreground says:

      I was expecting crateception, and there it is

    13. brbn93 says:

      Quick! Call the Firefighters cause they got some ladders.

    14. gaineswk says:

      @derianbobby .. /watch?v=EpVP2_YCHOE&sns=fb

      Thumbs up if you laughed your ass off!

    15. wilkinsvzrs says:

      @derianbobby .. /watch?v=EpVP2_YCHOE&sns=fb

      Thumbs up if you laughed your ass off!

    16. Blackdimond8000 says:

      2nd Crate: “GET ON MY LEVEL SON!”

    17. 1vuu says:

      Share links in a new format on

    18. lopasas says:

      @korita33 movie is called dreamception?

    19. geri5678 says:

      0:09 crateception

    20. jabathedrunk says:

      Air drop in bound…. ow wait, wrong map, sorry!

    21. penguinz50 says:

      i would laugh if the care packages were dogs

    22. 100010042 says:

      my boner just got a boner o-o bonerseption? o-O

    23. YoshiDeLaGhetto says:

      Yo dawg, I heard you like crates…

    24. Azureknight1000 says:

      If only that care package at 0:15 Hit someone

    25. XD3VILXD0GX says:

      a crate inside a crate….CRATECEPTION O.o

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