Louis Speaks About His Parents Divorce [ @zaynmalikarmy ]

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    21 Responses to Louis Speaks About His Parents Divorce [ @zaynmalikarmy ]

    1. hsmhottie25 says:

      like and like like like and like

    2. loveyharrystyles says:

      i know how you feel my parents are devorce two and it is sad that parents get a devorce but it is life .

    3. sammi4899 says:

      Awww! Seeing Louis upset breaks my heart. 🙁

    4. grace yunker says:

      OMG we have so much in common

      Add a E to his name and it’s my middle name

      My fav movie is grease like him

      And our parents are divorced

    5. grace yunker says:

      I’m so sorry Louis like all of these girls I wanna cry when I see you sad

    6. BootyCupps says:

      I like how much he says like.(:

    7. iluvmybffaes says:

      my parents r divorced 2 and seeing this makes me cry bcuz me and him rely and he’s mine!!

    8. lovemetilltheend1391 says:

      louis i feel bad for you but you are kinda lucky my dad commited sucide and it is super hard on my mom at least your mom didn’t go thourgh that much pain

    9. SecrettLoverz09 says:

      I disliked this because its sad to see him sad not liking that at all:(

    10. yoXsupXpeace says:

      He’s saying “like” so much, you can tell he’s upset 🙁

    11. Valery Vasquez says:


    12. flyingj331 says:

      Awwww 

    13. AngieCruzLuve says:

      My parents have been divorced since i was one and im thirteen now soo you know how haaard its been on me. i cry a lot of the times just thinking bout her cuz i never get to see her anymore and i feel like i have no one to talk to plus my dad is getting married now which is a biig surprise and im not sooo happy about it. but Louis everything will be okay 🙂

    14. AngieCruzLuve says:

      just gotta keep your head up high and keep living life. its really hard for me becuz i can never do that but i hope its easy for you 🙂 your amazing Louis:) your beautiful hilarious unique and just simply amazing!!! i want you to have a happy life nd dont let too many things bring you down 🙂 ive learned that the hard way :\

    15. Tobienforcer says:

      Ok See this is sad I feel for this guy but Harry crying over what people said about him over the internet has nothing compared to this I’m sorry but it’s true.

    16. SSarabelle219 says:

      Omg I feel bad for u and I live like the same way u do but u was adopted but I never new my mom or dad bc my they told me my mom died and my dad was in the war and so I never new my parents so now I live with my grandma with 8brothers And sisters

    17. pancakes1220 says:

      i just wanna hold him! </3

    18. fabswag3 says:

      u didnt need to put ur family business out there for the world to see…. just sayin

    19. ForevaSocca says:

      I cant imagine wht hes going thru!! I wanna hug him, he was hding in TEARS:,(

    20. mandersison1 says:

      I’m crying..wtf I love him.

    21. danixrenee says:

      You can tell he was about to start crying when he started saying like a bunch. Poor baby 🙁

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