Kris and Bruce Jenner Discuss Kim’s Divorce

While they were here, Kris and Bruce Jenner talked to Ellen about their daughter Kim Kardashian’s infamous marriage and divorce from Kris Humphries. See what they had to say about it here.

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    24 Responses to Kris and Bruce Jenner Discuss Kim’s Divorce

    1. shazmyir says:

      bruce looks like a girl here.. thumbs up if ya’ll agree dawg..

    2. burlowjim says:

      cut yout lossess and move on…

    3. vinnyy1789 says:

      @shazmyir I agree! I always thought he looked like a lady…I’ve seen his younger day pictures and he looked more like a man than now…but I think he still looks kinda hot for his age 😛

    4. hotlips4000isback2 says:

      Bruce is such a nice down to earth Man. Why the fuck did he hook up with a blood sucking leech in the form of Kris I’ll never know!

      The same goes for Ozzy Osbourne being with Sharon. Another money/fame hungry whore with know talent!

    5. Edwin5467 says:

      Bruce lay off the Botox bro. And as for the video who gives a flying shit about this. Call me when Kim has another sex tape, preferably with not a black dude.

    6. cudobola1 says:

      I cant argue with the fact Bruce is the smartest in that crazy family..the Kardashians are and were no body!

    7. MarijeBaby says:

      te only REAL person in the kardashian/jenner family is khloe.. she’s just being herself. I honestly think that kim wanted a divorce is because of she can’t be with one guy.. she just needs like every month another guy, she’s kind off a slut..sorry . my opionion, don’t hate. ( btw my english is bad i know!)

    8. majolerulerulista says:


    9. 108musicgirl says:

      Isn’t Kim back with Reggie though I saw in a magazine

    10. JuanMM26 says:

      Bruce looks like a old woman!

    11. SuperKawaiiStudios says:

      I respect Bruce for how he is cos after the show became a big hit, he doesn’t even care about the fame and everything that comes with it and also he seems like a real person not like the rest of the family who really care about the fame.

    12. PBDx3 says:

      I love bruce! He’s the only one that keeps it real! As for his face……. Lay off the botox dude! 😛

    13. nadziheartsx says:

      bruce and khloe are the only two who aren’t completely ruled by fame and money. as for kim and kris… urgh *shudders* that is one stage mum gone wild

    14. arf12000channel says:

      who the hell r this people

    15. allierzeznik95 says:

      I love Bruce, too, and I don’t think he looks as bad as people say he does. He’s awesome.

    16. itskellyxo says:

      Bruce is awesome, he’s the only one who doesn’t care about fame or money. I like khloe and kourtney too but Kim is a slut and let fame and money get to her head.

    17. SAULA4eva26 says:

      Y so many dislikes?

    18. Hotchicaxx says:

      Man look at the plastic surgery in both their faces !

    19. any12u says:

      Bruce is so full of it, he gave his blessing when Chris asked to marry Kim and also said that her father would be proud and bless the wedding at the rehearsal dinner. He always acts like he would have done something different after the fact.

    20. hristinche03 says:

      Except for the hair, Brice looks a lot like Ellen

    21. SugaKisses00 says:

      Bruce didn’t even question the relationship when Kris asked for his permission to marry Kim. He instantly said yes, and also said that her father would of been happy. Why did no-one see the huge differences between them and tell them to slow things down?

    22. ikheetjason says:

      Poor guy, imagine having Kim Kardashian as a daughter

    23. sugarsmaxx says:

      Bruce is awesome! I think the family brings him down… facelift, earrings… what happened to him? But he IS the most down to earth guy in the family for sure! Rock on Bruce!

    24. TastyPinkTreat says:

      I love Bruce he is a good man and an amazing father even to his stepchildren

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