Kobe & Vanessa To Divorce, Tamar & Vince New Show, Real Housewives Of Atlanta & More

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    23 Responses to Kobe & Vanessa To Divorce, Tamar & Vince New Show, Real Housewives Of Atlanta & More

    1. honeyluv15 says:

      Thanks for going in on Kim,LMAO!

    2. Coreyj06 says:

      Kevin and his language yeesh … “mother fuckin groupies” for wat?????

    3. CrownJewel32 says:

      @doogienahnah I know!!! I hate seeing that bitches face. That’s why I’m glad I have dvr cause I can just fast foward through all her scenes. And, I don’t know why she is on the show anyways cause it’s obvious she is racist so it makes no sense for her to be on a show full of black women. I’m tired of her and her ugly ass wigs. Also, you are right about Kroy—he does NOT want her ass. But, trust me, he is going to leave her bald headed ass real soon.

    4. CrownJewel32 says:

      @dsjj251 Yeah, he is wrong about that. If he has ever seen, I believe “The french quarters” of new orleans, he would have to eat his words because it is beautiful there. When I saw all those beautiful houses driving down the street in new orleans, it was SOOOOOO beautiful!

    5. CrownJewel32 says:

      Makael, the reason you never hear Tamar sing is because she can’t. She knows she is not that great of a singer and that’s why her career never took off. I mean, she sings ok. But, she ain’t no damn Toni. And, like you said, she’ll sing for a couple of seconds and then will stop. You never see her sing a whole song on that show. She’s not that great.

    6. marieOH5 says:

      LOL!! Kevin is right Makeal is looking a little Nation of Islam-ish in this video….lookin’ like Makael X! I cannot stop laughin’ abt that.

    7. 88niteowl88 says:

      i love love love love love u guys…..my goodness…my life is soooo fulfilled after having discovered this channnel…lol….PURE entertainment…

    8. ahallm3 says:

      Omg i just discovered ur channel….LOL as hell. Keep doing what u do.

    9. budaluvaz says:

      Makael is my favorite sag love boo.

    10. findmedog says:

      this is whats wrong with the black community to many gays. we are 11 percent of all races and now almost 60 percent of us are gay. almost 30 percent are in gangs etc theirs way more. im not religious or anything but god him self says being gay is wrong. we have to admit being gay is a choice of pleasure n thats wrong. look at places like alanta its full of werid gays who dress like women. men are suppose to be men. which means be tough aggriseive and protecters not like women!

    11. leniaj says:

      This is actually my first time watching the ENTIRE show (no shade) and it was worth every minute. You gotta new fan outta me! #love

    12. shisco05 says:

      totally agree i dont think Tyler perry shows aren’t funny

    13. ladyjwb says:

      you better know it boo BYOB….or your ass WILL NOT be drink #thephillyway.

    14. ladyjwb says:

      sorry drinking.

    15. shajones81 says:

      Should have hit me up! We would have had a ball.

    16. RawStyle92 says:

      i agree i love meet the browns better

    17. DeesDelectables says:

      oh man you guys are too funny.i’m in college (no scholarship, gotta pay outta pocket) and should be doing my homework instead of watching this right now

    18. cicibradley says:

      new subbie yall is hilarioussss got me dying laughing i am not a sheree fan..

    19. lcmemphis says:

      2 GAYS

    20. Stylistaaaa says:

      Kevin was not lying though LMAO!!!! Makael?! Black Muslim for real……. you still sexy tho’

    21. QueenBee298 says:

      @lcmemphis <<< 1 DUMBASS

    22. ridgewayfootball says:

      QueenBee 298>>>>u dissing lcmemphis b/c he stated his opinion? that makes u a dumbass too! Everybody not down with homo gossip. Their whole show is giving their opinion…why can’t people have opinion of them?

    23. giggles771984 says:

      I just came upon you guys, your made my afternoon. I would love to see the t&t dating show. Plus denzels son went to college of a football grant

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