Kobe Bryant – Gold-Digging Divorce

Kobe Bryant is going to lose a ton of money in his divorce and one source tells TMZ that his ex-wife’s gold-digging actually runs in the family.

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    25 Responses to Kobe Bryant – Gold-Digging Divorce

    1. ImCESARG says:

      it aint no thing, he will remake that shit,

    2. Tawny8O8 says:

      Hah! Thought she’d “forgive & forget” huh? She was just waiting for the riiiiiiight moment.

    3. KiraHayabusa says:

      @Kungfumastertraining Most people throw in the towel when they find out their mate is unfaithful. I wouldn’t put up with that until I reach the 10 year mark just to get money from him. Vanessa looks like the bad person (although Kobe is just as guilty) because it seemed like money was more important than having a faithful husband.

    4. hellokitty7654321 says:

      hoes be winning ….why did i go to college? …..seriously…

    5. victorlopez007 says:

      Kobe be singing bitch betta have my money :o hahaha

    6. Tusak2Slick says:

      @hellokitty7654321 bachelors degree

    7. JulioJustiniano says:

      @IraHayesIraHayes He shouldn’t of bothered marrying her or at least should of signed a pre-nup if he was gonna be with other women. His dumb ass fault for not having any control over himself. Plus the public humiliation he put her through.

      I do think 100,000,000 is far too much profit on money you did not make.

    8. TheDirtyVillain says:

      @Kungfumastertraining Bitch fuck you, if Vanessa had cheated on Kobe, kobe WOULD STILL have to pay through the nose if he wanted a divorce, so what you write is neither here nor there so STFU

    9. JohnGenesis1985 says:

      You promise her forever, shit on her constantly with hoes all over the world, have people everywhere talking shit about how stupid she is, then what do you expect except for her to retaliate the only way she can. The only thing she can do to hurt you is go after your pocket. I’m just saying, if it was me, i’m going to make sure you remember fucking me over, for the rest of your life.
      I love this cold, calculating bitch, able to sit through getting shitted on for 10 years.

    10. shotsky94 says:

      This is nothing more than vile sexism. Feminazis say they want equality only when it fits their agenda. If we are equal, men should not pay women for the rest of their life to sit on their butts because they said they want a divorce…..We need a pro-male group in this country…..

    11. 0601Daz says:

      vanessa suck my dick gold digging bitch

    12. jamiegee123 says:

      @hamchopsify STFU hamchop

    13. hamchopsify says:

      @jamiegee123 nae bother chinos!! aha!

    14. jamiegee123 says:

      @hamchopsify this is my part of youtube aha !… OVEREEM VIA TKO !

    15. hamchopsify says:

      @jamiegee123 what yeh mean this is your part of youtube? lesnar via 3 second ko kidding a think lesnar via ground and pound secound round!

    16. Kungfumastertraining says:

      @KiraHayabusa Your a funny idiot.

    17. Kungfumastertraining says:

      @KiraHayabusa You’re a funny idiot. Kobe cheated on her already and tried to buy her to stay with a million dollar ring. Kobe kept the Is Cheaper to Keep Her rule. She did well to make Kobe stay with her for 10 years now she pimps out Kobe. Every time Kobe plays in the NBA guess who’s getting 50% of that while doing nothing!? That is a good bitch that Kobe.

    18. BigBlaqueKat says:

      Good thing he didn’t get a gold digging black girl.

    19. MisSeductive says:

      I remember Kobe’s maid said he was a good guy but Vanessa was an evil bitch. Kobe is better off without her…he can have any model he wants now…go Kobe!

    20. MrPenKing says:

      It’s almost funny how emotional people are getting over someone else’s drama. Hopefully Kobe and Vanessa can come to an amicable separation and the kids aren’t scarred. Kobe seeks to be learning everything the hard way .. When his parents didn’t approve initially I think that spike volumes. Now his pockets will be lightened by at least half and all of his personal business is now on Front Street ( TMZ ). Still a Laker fan til there is no more purp n yello. Go Lakers !!!

    21. jjdudz23 says:

      Kobe should date Hollywood Actresses or even Nicole Scherzinger, they have the same age.

    22. BlacknesUnforgivable says:

      @BigBlaqueKat idiot

    23. mscarmenmonee says:

      vanessa is so winning!!!!!!!!!!

    24. AlanaPower111 says:

      You guys are forgetting Kobe repeatedly cheated on her. Even now he has this “model” living in one of his properties. Lol kobe is a dumb ass and I hope he loses everything

    25. TheDirtyVillain says:

      @AlanaPower111 And what would happen if SHE cheated on him and wanted out he would STILL HAVE TO PAY regardless, so your statement is neither here nor there!

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