Kobe Bryant divorcing! No Prenup! …Dumbass! – SkyyJohn

Kobe Bryant’s dumb ass got married at 22 without a prenup! How stupid can you be? Here’s my commentary. SKYY’S LINKS: =========== ASK THE JOHN & VLOG CHANNEL – www.youtube.com ORIGINAL CHANNEL – www.youtube.com BARTENDING CHANNEL – www.youtube.com GOOGLE PLUS: gplus.to FACEBOOK www.facebook.com TWITTER www.twitter.com T-SHIRT: skyyjohn.spreadshirt.com WEBSITE www.SkyyJohn.com MAILING ADDRESS 3183 Wilshire Blvd #196K22 Los Angeles, CA 90010

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    24 Responses to Kobe Bryant divorcing! No Prenup! …Dumbass! – SkyyJohn

    1. GamerLegend505 says:

      @galerouth Oh , and it wasn’t like he wasn’t talented before he married her , because he was .Many people knew he was gonna have a vey promising career ahead of him when he got drafted out of highschool . And it annoys me how people make it see like he “needs ” her , or something when it’s the other way around . If it weren’t for him , she’d be an average bitch . She’s lucky that he even gave her the time of day .

    2. GamerLegend505 says:

      @GamerLegend505 Very*

    3. ezsnapabg says:

      omg can she take him off the dribble lol can she go 4 forty LMAO

    4. galerouth says:


      it seems like you are butthurt about the law or don’t know anything about it, unless legally specified like in a prenup, when you marry: you and your spouse’s assets combine….it’s been that way for decades.

      so it doesn’t matter, if she didn’t bring anything into the marriage and wasn’t about shit to begin with– kobe IGNORED sound legal advice because she was hot and the pussy was good, so in divorce BY LAW, she is going and DESERVES to get 50% of his worth, maybe more.

    5. InfinityNebula says:

      Kobe like most of these Tap Dancin; Uncle Tom Boule Negroes who beg for white acceptance by marrying a TROPHY WIFE are extremely naive and just plain dumb-However the Bitch should only get around 300,000 dollars for the kids and to set herself up but the Latin Mutt doesn’t deserve millions-Its like discrimination in empliyment where the law provides 300,000 dollars to the Plaintiff if he wins and punitive damages the same should occur here Females get away with Murder literally

    6. GamerLegend505 says:

      @galerouth * Oh , really its been that way for years , I was completely unaware * . And it’s funny how you probably used google ( I’ll admit : It comes in handy ) just to make yourself sound smart because my comments( which you’re more than welcome to read again ) toward you weren’t based of what I knew or didn’t know about the law ; it was my opinion .

    7. GamerLegend505 says:

      @galerouth And instead of trying to beat me to the “punch ‘ so to speak when it comes to resonding to my comments, maybe you should take the time to understand what I’m actually trying say ( Because what I said was pretty clear) . Cheers 🙂

    8. GamerLegend505 says:

      @GamerLegend505 Responding *

    9. GamerLegend505 says:

      @GamerLegend505 to say *

    10. skipe94 says:

      i am not american nor english could anyone explain to me what a prenup is?

    11. skipe94 says:

      aint no way i’m getting married without a prenup

    12. 1andy1ek2 says:

      prenup means kobe keeps his money

    13. htfrankie says:

      Don’t forget …..ALIMONY FOR LIFE ! Your girl is going to be living LARGE with her new boyfriend for the rest of her life on your dollar !

    14. Chyne20 says:

      LMMFAO ya vids are funny as hell man!!!

    15. YellowPaint100 says:

      Let this be a lesson fellas, Kobe & Tiger are just 2 examples of this kinda BS. If u gotta a lot going for yourself BEFORE you got involved with her ……. Please, PLEASE, get a prenup. If she tries that guilt trip saying you don’t really love her, then love her, in the friendzone.

    16. victorsvoice says:

      @hellokitty7654321 That’s right. Please visit avoiceformen com and manwomanmyth com. Help us spread the word!

    17. gixxer6r says:

      She found out he’s been cheating on her with Lebrons mom again.

    18. willia3r says:

      I’m pretty sure Phil Jackson tried to talk Kobe out of getting married so early. I just don’t understand why it is that black men who get rich are so obsessed with getting married, only to later fork over half of their fortune only 3 years or less into the marriage.

      Rich brothas, please PLEASE pull your heads out of your asses! Don’t get married until you’re damn near 40!

    19. asdfkie says:


    20. LeBitch123 says:

      @willia3r get married and forty and go broke at 50 with your 8yr old tuition fee to pay for the next 15 yrs. Do it like Lebron. I hope he gets a prenup.

    21. TheHottie5576 says:

      When he cheated on Vanessa that time with the girl from the hotel ( I won’t say raped because I think she gave it up freely), I knew Vanessa was plotting then. She stayed after he bribed her with that ring and I am sure a whole lot more. She got pregnant one more time – this sealed the deal. Child support for two kids. She was securing her future for when she would eventually leave him. No woman gets pregnant that quickly after something like that happens, unless she has a plan. Just my opinion.

    22. KingRu732 says:


    23. pervmanyesican says:

      @shanellsplace now that this page is working i can respond. Yet i have nothing to say. It seems that we agree that he is a dumb ass. I would suggest that no man even get married. the corrupt the family courts throw out prenups. I am glad its not me, so i dont care.

    24. ZachTommyGunThompson says:

      Kim Kardashian is a fucking whore I bet shes just waiting to hop on his dick. I bet she already fuckin sucked his cock several times.

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