Kobe Bryant Divorce — How Much Should She Get?

Vanessa Bryant, wife of Lakers start Kobe Bryant, has reportedly filed for divorce. How much money could she get in a settlement? Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur and former prosecutor Steve Oh discuss on The Young Turks. deadspin.com Subscribe to The Young Turks: bit.ly The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: www.gplus.to Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com

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    25 Responses to Kobe Bryant Divorce — How Much Should She Get?

    1. akaWeezyF says:

      she shouldnt get shit but, the kids on weekends

    2. TheDirtyVillain says:

      @fooo311 so true fuck you

    3. GhostraceKillah says:

      FUCK MARRAGE!!!!!

    4. rockysimon2005 says:

      Steve is right. Lets say their net worth is $50 million. Vanessa gets $25 million, and an alimony check. The alimony will be less than 50% of what Kobe will earn in the future, lets say 25%. So, if Kobe earns $10 million the next year, and she gets 25% of that, (2.5 million), she now has a total net worth of 2.5 million + 25 million = 27.5 million. Their net earnings together are 10 million + 50 million = 60 million, so she gets less than 50% of what he has.

    5. solreavir says:

      she did not do shit to earn that money other then fuck im the law is a ass this is bullshit!

    6. blackbolt75 says:

      She was just biding her time, I mean ten years.

    7. wclac says:

      Only in the misandric state of California. American bitches are way too spoiled!

    8. wclac says:

      @TheDirtyVillain Word up!

    9. hitch4645 says:

      Can we clear something up real quick. She wouldn’t be getting half of HIS money, she would be getting half of THEY’RE money.

    10. redkard1979 says:

      @wclac After hearing this I am never married,She got a knife to his balls.

    11. Kenleighsway says:

      Her step-dad got on the Net and said her MOM did the same thing to him waited right at 10 years and got half, he said She learned the Pimp game from her MOM!

    12. redkard1979 says:

      @wclac After hearing this I am never married, she got a knife to his balls

    13. 2130SAT says:

      lol at the idiots ubernoodlex and dion laurent who have been arguing for days!!!!

    14. jjdudz23 says:

      Kobe should date Hollywood Actresses or even Nicole Scherzinger, they have the same age.

    15. TheXXLethal says:

      This is bullshit he made all the money why does he have to give so much up for her? God dam women make your own fucking money. Honostly a bunch of bullshit. I hope he can talk her out of the divorce or they make up or something. Kobe grew a pretty grillzy beard and I think it’s becuase his wife left him and he just doesn’t care or something…. O well hang in there Kobe your fans are here for you.

    16. Khemistry101 says:

      Is the Asian guy gay?

    17. randycash39 says:

      I love it when Cenk and Steve go at it.

      Steve has balls to go toe to toe with the bause **rick ross vc**

    18. grinningchicken says:

      Easy solution to gold digging
      1. Pass a law requiring a Prenump
      2. People can only cash out if they were working or prevented from working to take care of the home in which case they can ask for back pay.
      3. No alimoney unless the other side initiated the divorce
      4. Child support should have a debit card that can only be spent on object for the children
      5. If one side wants the house the other must pay the other side 50% of its worth

    19. laurenoliver23 says:

      Marriage is the union of a man and a woman in flesh and in property. Why do u think a woman takes her husband’s last name? Vanessa filed for divorce because Kobe is unfaithful trash. Marriage has always been about the joining of families/property. If u don’t believe in the vows why take them?

    20. AndrewMacedonia says:

      kobe probably got pussy left to right anal and everything

    21. AndrewMacedonia says:

      thats why you sign a prenup

    22. palestiniangoddess1 says:

      Men..when will they ever learn? 🙂 TAKE HIM FOR ALL HE’S GOT GIRLFRIEND!!!!!! He chose to cheat.

    23. deeppurple28 says:

      These morons need some TOM LEYKIS In their lives! Kobe, you are a fucking Imbecile!

    24. iHacksorzz says:

      @palestiniangoddess1 Typical woman thing to do, be a gold digger. I really doubt she is divorcing because he cheated, she would have done so a long time ago when it came out, she’s just after the money, which is pathetic and doesnt deserve respect or sympathy.

    25. iHacksorzz says:

      Damn, i guess its worth losing half if you’re hitting that for 10 years lol.

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